12/2014 - good picture - Worldwide access - Reliable alarm

12/2014 - good picture - Worldwide access - Reliable alarm

Wansview NCM625W H.264 Mega Pixel WLAN IP Camera Surveillance Camera with IR Cut, Two-way audio, SD card black (tool)

Customer Review

First of all: Amazon raises here again unfortunately reviews of many different products completely messed up. Hardly a customer reads the small print refers to ()
Therefore, for avoidance of doubt, this review relates to the model: Wansview NCM625W (720p / color black)

**** Optics, Design ****
Granted, the design is really a matter of taste. The look is a little Asian and more like toys. In addition, the camera is much greater than imagined. Approximately 15cm height measures a good piece. Professionally she does not look, but that's not necessary. What matters is the technical side. And this convinced:

**** Start & Instructions: ****
How heavy is the start-up? Admit you are someone who already has difficulty when connecting a printer, so they should be warned. For a computer affine man who a little familiar with network setup, the camera is not a big challenge described Simplifies installation is so.:
> Connect the camera with network cable to the router and power.
> Now with the included search tool (on CD) or by looking at the network connections in the router, the camera LAN internal IP address search 192.1XX.
Enter> This IP in the browser.
> Done!
Now you're in the web interface and can view the first image, make adjustments. Here you can also set up your own Wi-Fi so that you later does not require a LAN cable more.
The camera is supplied with a DVD with German-speaking guide and various software.

**** Access in your own network ****
First, you should look for in his router setting that assigns the camera is always the same internal IP (as well as for network printers, NAS drives, etc)
Within the local network, access to the camera is simple. Both Android and Apple, there are Apps. On the PC is best suited to the browser access

**** Access Worldwide ****
Even more practical, the question of access by road:

[For this purpose, a small explanation: If one wants the road to access a device on the network, use is (only) the internal IP 192.1XX. very little. External IP of the DSL modem changes every 24 in almost all private connections for safety reasons. If you wanted to access his camera readily as you would have on your home look its external IP every day only. There is logically impossible if one is longer absent.
For these (general) problem there are vendors on the net that offer a fixed access point for the device. (Eg No-Ip.com, AnyDNS, dyndns.org, STRATO, etc.). Some of these are completely free of charge.
I try the method easy to explain (not technically be 100% accurate). With such a dynamic DNS providers are accessed not from outside their network. Rather, the home network sends the data to the provider (eg STRATO) and this in turn provides the user with a fixed, permanently constant access point.]

Simple? Yes and no:
A layman I trust the setting up of the (permanent) remote access to not necessarily. A layman unaided have to settle for the temporary direct access.
Who Dynamic DNS, port forwarding and VPN is not a foreign concept, which will create the device also.

Result: Of the world we can then control his surveillance camera with username / password.

But please note: If that's confusing and complicated sounds: This is not a flaw of this camera but a general requirement for secure access to devices on the home network. Such DynDNS facilities you need for eg NAS, Webcams, Internet printers

**** Picture quality / control ****
The picture is resolved with 720p at 25fps. The 720p also be achieved, in contrast to many other cameras. However, compared for example to 720p video of the iPhone, the resolution is slightly less precise but very good.
Tip: On the lens itself can be rotated about the sharpness to adjust further.
The viewing angle is unfortunately relatively close. An exchange of the lens to a wide angle lens (10) is useful.
The camera can move up and down and also rotate 360 ​​degrees, achieved Optimum result is, when mounted on the ceiling in the middle of a room.

**** Night Vision: ****
The night vision affects dissolved naturally lower. Nevertheless, despite total darkness everything is clearly visible. I am very pleasantly surprised considering the price.

**** Alert: ****
The camera has automatic motion detection. Here up to four zones can be specified independently in the image that can register each with different sensitivity movements.
An alarm is triggered every time Reliable.
In the event of an alarm, the camera
- Send an image to a predefined E-mail address
- Save image / video to an FTP server
- Save image / video on SD card

**** Summary: ****
+ 720p resolution with night vision and 360 degree view
+ Night Vision
+ Wi-Fi
+ Motion detection recording and alarm
+ Upload image and video to FTP servers
+ Access Worldwide with Dyn-DNS

If that setting is not an obstacle that gets a really full grade Überwachugskamera with relatively good image for a small price. Anyone who wants to use the camera only in-house network (eg for gate control), which does not need any special skills - Serve with the instructions provided

Who rated this negative because the device it's too hard: This is the case in any such network device. This is not a flaw of the camera, but a flaw of their own abilities. Not in vain there for the layman company for installation of security equipment.
Compare: You buy no discs and rated it bad because you can not install the driver's vehicle. There are indeed workshops.

Update 12/18/2014
After I had a little problem with the firmware, I turned via email to the support in China. - I have to say wow !!! - Within 1 hour I got a perfect answer to my emails. I was offered even to call me by an English-speaking staff at their own cost, if I had any questions.
I'm very pleasantly surprised. - Problem was the way my own stupidity, and was released from the support;)

A choice without hesitation! Rank: 5/5
August 3
Disappointed January 30 Rank: 2/5
December 18
Batman Begins Rank: 5/5
July 23
Beau case well thought. Rank: 5/5
May 7

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