12 great folk rock songs!

12 great folk rock songs!

Curse Our Love (Special Edition / Bonus Track) (Audio CD)

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As the young Britten a class debut have really delivered. There is a folk-rock album that catches up one from the first hearing in his spell. You shake a dozen great tunes from his sleeve. Already at the opening track "Lion's Mouth" create bass, drums and guitar really starts (reminds me of the fleets numbers from Bloc Party) and has the same direction to. With piano opening in "Walk on" it goes on then, a good party-rock hit. "If I was" or "Will not get up again" with his acoustic guitar could come from the recent Avett Brothers plate, as the ingenious "Red bricks". The highlight of the plate for me is then the unique "Measure of a Man", which recalls the chorus of Mumford & Sons (only without Banjo); a wonderful folk-pop gem!
"Fall Hard" starts with an organ that is reminiscent of the famous Hammond organ 70s. I can only hope that Bob Dylan not just listening in the melody, the song reminds me the melody played on "Like a Rolling Stone" ... (that will cost the guys hopefully no royalties).
In "Precious days" may then the harmonica still be used, and to the beautiful, sad ballad "Billy Died" It's at the end even with the pub Pub Firecracker "Already forgotten your name" again right off. The bassist plucks in a prime rock'n'roll style, as if he had already done this with the Blessed Johnny Cash in the 50s.

Thanks to bands like this, Young Rebel set` need to worry about the future of rock not worry!

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