4 stars and why not 5?

4 stars and why not 5?

O'neal Sierra Adventure Enduro MX Motorcycle Helmet Flat Black 2015 (Misc.)

Customer Review

1 star - lining, washable, a bit delicate, but ok
2 star - deep Kinschutz (reason of purchase), optic and beautiful matt
3 star - option for the sun visor (also due to the purchase)
4 Star - Very light, fit well

5 is not reached, why not 5?
Mechanics in the sun visor, because you really have something to do in the development.
Since it levers itself around the helmet and appears to be a manufacturing error (hopefully). You hear it consciously in each ear,
denied the mechanics, with potholes the dark visor falls unexpectedly down although the lever is up (Links to the helmet).

What else?
Crunching noises of Styropores
Helmet fits into the specified sizes,
brilliant appearance, Refelktorenen left and right (2 & 10 clock), and on 5 and 7 clock (all white)
Rear I lack a red.

Personally, I will send the helmet back to the manufacturer.
Claiming Garatie.
Does not mean that other helmets have the same problem,
My concern is only unique to the sun visor mechanics.
Otherwise the helmet top.
What I would like to see more,
Closing with a click

does what it is supposed 35 Rank: 5/5
April 1
Here only the price is cheap Rank: 5/5
October 16
everything great, works great Rank: 5/5
December 3
A mistake so ... Rank: 4/5
January 1
Super 1880 1320 Rank: 5/5
October 20

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