7-inch tablet with 3G and WiFi for outdoors for home

7-inch tablet with 3G and WiFi for outdoors for home

Asus Fonepad 7 ME372CG 17.7 cm (7-inch) Tablet PC (Intel Atom Z2560 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB, SGX 544, touchscreen, Android 4.2, 3G / UMTS) white (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Q. phone with tablet function or tablet with a telephone function?
Answer: Yes. :-)

If you want to use the more than 500,000 apps in the Google Play Store easily, mobile phones are very unfavorable with about 4 inches. The display area is quite small. 7 inch and 10 inch tablets have large displays, but are to use wlan only near a router. So if a large display, Internet also want to go and constant accessibility via the mobile phone, can not get to this form factor, if he wants to unite all in one device. Disadvantage: While talking to a 7-inch device keeps in the ear and one must be able to transport it (jacket pocket, handbag, backpack, etc.).


Asus Fonepad 7 ME372CG me 5 star - actually 10 stars because it is my desire device :-)
In other always referred to as a tablet.


Ordered during the weekend and Tuesday, 10.22.2013 - as promised by Amazon - delivered after only 2 days. As always, good.


It is very well made. It fits comfortably in your hand. The surfaces appear dibasic. The controls are well located and easily accessible. For a tablet weight is fine. For operation you need both hands (one to hold and one to typing). The device was shown in the autumn at the IFA 2013 in Berlin and is currently highly topical.


Tablet, charger (plug and USB MicroUSB cable - also for connection / data transfer / charging the PC's USB port - is recognized as K00E), plastic stand (easy, tablet can be vertically and transversely in a stable with a slight inclination - eg at To watch video), "paper clip" to open the SIM card slot (externally accessible without problems, made awesome: let the wire with printing the Mini drawer pop out, insert micro sim card and slide back again, ready)

Operating system

Android 4.2.2 is installed. After setting up the phone a system update is available (about 80MB) from ASUS. Have it downloaded (less than 5 min.) And install (less than 5 min.). The device reboots (eg, the touch driver updates).


The speakers are good and loud. Both music (modern, classic, language) as well as audio in videos can be heard angenehmm. There is this an appropriate ASUS floating app to the sound setting to make. With a headset may be a better audio results should be possible (not tested). The display is stunningly sharp, thanks to IPS display cost almost 180 degrees - outstanding !!! This video is in full frame a pleasure and texts (eg in the browser) are easily readable. The camera on the back makes good photos (ASUS APP to be well thought out and easy to use). For photos in landscape mode you should make when you hold the device in order not to cover the lens. The front camera takes sharp videos in Skype (tested). The Wifi is fast and stable (goes also through several walls). The demand side is made entirely of glass with the cut-outs for the stereo speakers (in landscape mode on the left and right almost over the entire width). Bluetooth is fast (tested). GPS is super fast and stable (tested - Route calculation took about 10 seconds - used app: MapFactor GPS Navi free). GSM signal is here at 100% (but is location dependent, provider dependent). Voice quality during calls is very good (listening, speaking). The hypermodern wireless transmission technology Miracast can be turned on drop-down menu easily. The transfer is carried out for TV - felt - delay (tested with the new model from LG Fernsher 2013). Important: The Tablet has a transverse mode (screen is rotated, you can set the drop down menu) and thus fills the TV screen completely (eg Youtube videos from the tablet to the TV stream) !!! The battery is the hammer. Install When you first set, and testing apps is the device for hours of course always on. After about 10 hours were 100% still 45% left. Read that the standby is 35 days. The SD card slot accepts micro SD cards up to 64GB. He is open and easily accessible from the outside. One can thus use multiple SD cards and easily switch (not tested). The display reacts quickly and the Intel CPU can no stuttering here - regardless of the app - pay.


There are in the lower Android operating strip (Home, Back, Open Apps) an ASUS control for the floating Apps. Furthermore, pressing the Home control element longer, a circular menu, which you can assign your own apps. All very convenient and fast in everyday use. Apps and Widgets will each install and set up according to his needs. The preloaded extra apps from ASUS are partially useful (SuperNotecard I find not so good) and there are not too many (as system apps is to this but only with root privileges los). Other manufacturers are as unpleasant.


- 229 euros (supplied for the quality and range of features very low)
- Miracast (for me an important selling point)
- GPS (free in TOP quality)
- Form Factor (only with devices from 7 inches you can use all Apps reasonable - in my opinion)
- IPS Panel (the pixel density is stunning, caution sharp images ^^)
- Battery (because are probably 99% of users of small mobile phones that need to load some day, very envious)

Oh, you can also make calls 7 ME372CG with the Asus Fonepad. :-)


Beware, there is a previous model. At the moment, one can distinguish it on the Android version and about the design.

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