A beautiful sixth volume

A beautiful sixth volume

D'Indy: Orchestral Works, Volume 6 (CD)

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It took two years to sort this sixth volume of the orchestral works of Vincent d'Indy in this integral Chandos recorded by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Rumon Gamba.

Admittedly, all these engravings is of great quality and these low scores played up here a second youth, after the generation of Michel Plasson and Pierre Dervaux who in their time had engraved a few.

This volume includes the symphonic poem "Wallenstein", the prelude to Act III of the opera Fervaal, result in an antique style, and the serenade and waltz.

I remembered especially the three movements of the poem "Wallenstein" according to Schiller's work that narrates the end of the most famous "condottiere" of Europe from 16 th century.

The lyrical quality of the work is really indisputable and the Symphony Orchestra of Iceland takes advantage of moods changes to show its beautiful colors. It is somewhat pained whether an unlikely boreal phalanx, which would radiate these pages of our national heritage much neglected by French concert halls.

The prelude to Act III of the opera is written Fervaal so to say "in the manner of Wagner." Indeed listening to the blind of this piece recalls the famous interludes of the master of Bayreuth.

The rest of the disc will happily listen and wait a case comes to crown this superb anthology in six volumes.

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