A "Bilogie" would suffice

A "Bilogie" would suffice

Blade Runner Trilogy (Original Soundtrack) (CD)

Customer Review

*** The first CD is beautiful, probably one of the best soundtracks created by Vangelis. The second CD is full of unreleased we could hear that in watching the film, Title 6: One Alone is one of the best music, even if it is a bit short for my taste. Dr. Tyrell's Death, as the title suggests is the scene of the death of Dr. Tyrell is a very musical "Vangelissiennne" with choirs, drums and synths. Overall this second CD leaves me a grim and depressing impression. The third CD is very disappointing for me, with his "young and modern" rhythms. It does not go well at all with the other two. That's why a "Bilogie" would suffice. ***

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