A captivating novel with spirits totally crazy or cut off.  All fire characters and flame [...]

A captivating novel with spirits totally crazy or cut off. All fire characters and flame [...]

Kaleb, Season I (Paperback)

Customer Review

This book is in my PAL ... since almost a year. I must say that I do not know how I did it to keep me up to read it now, because this book is worse than a book. It encourages you to read it as soon as you walk in front of like, "Read me, quick! ". But I held until I open envy. But still, this book really tempted me many, many. I think the tagline is such that it calls more. With one sentence, Myra Eljundir manages to make us want to discover content. Although at first I had a little trouble, although the pages paraded themselves, thereafter, I really enjoyed my reading.

Kaleb is a young man of 19 years. Following an event, he discovered telepathic. This power could be something good, exhilarating. But with him, it's wrong. It's exhilarating, certainly, but dangerous. Without realizing it at first, he enters people's heads and change their thoughts so they are its propriety, or that the people running that wants him. He takes it as a gift and used it too, at his expense. But this, it will be appreciated much too late.

Because obviously, his power may well be enjoyable for him, he will learn gradually as it is hunted and pursued by a secret society. Why? For what purpose? Everything is explained in this first volume pretty bloody and that takes guts anyway. Alongside Kaleb, we follow the colonel and his assistant. They are there to destroy EDV (no, I will not tell you what it is, I myself have been slow to understand!). Because yes, the EDV have powers that can do as much good as evil. However, the latter have several phases that are pretty chilling reading.

The author does not skimp on the means and I think that's what I liked most. She does not hesitate at all to describe the most horrible scenes, but what's even more ... "magic" is that his writing is poetry, despite the misfortune of events. Myra Eljundir know perfectly how to describe things. During my reading, several times my heart has recovered, so the descriptions were perfect, complete and gory at times. But we warned: this novel is not intended for children under 15 years and sensitive souls. Well, I'm a sensitive soul, but I like to test my limits and I have to say that with this novel, I am tested and I do not regret! Even if sometimes quiet and relaxing readings are good, sometimes adrenaline filled readings and bold descriptions allows us more we escape.

Although I was not able to attach myself to Kaleb as I wanted, I still enjoyed his character. Bruised by the death of his mother at birth, it lacks the feminine and reassuring in his life. Lugged from town to town, from country to country by his father, he has not had time to make friends, but that does not seem to bother him too much. We feel that despite all this, deep down hidden, it is most morally. He inordinate power he has trouble controlling it and trying to curb throughout the novel. Several stances comes into play: love, denial, anger, sadness, that make its powers are intensifying and that his gift of empathy becomes more present and almost takes possession of what it is and its mind. Felt cheated by time but he wants to get out and even if he must do suffer, he will, to recover. However, his tantrums sometimes confused me because it can be very violent and I do not like violent people. Nevertheless, when his human side came out, there it was touching and endearing.

I do not know where the author was able to go looking for that wild imagination, but for a first volume it is very strong. The book is punctuated by both excess Kaleb anger, but also the character of Colonel completely degenerated. The latter is completely outside all, it is in a bubble and what he wants above all is to destroy the EDV, even if it must itself suffer. Oh yeah because despite his penchant for suffering, finally he has a heart ... Hard to believe when one follows the last 200 pages ... The action is not as present, I would say it is suspense and replaced by a completely stamped psychology. And that's what I loved. Being in a novel, in an unreal world but yet can be real. The author tries to understand the gift of empathy can be a positive thing, as a tare. Because once you drop it, you can not do without. And there, his catchphrase "It's so good to be bad" makes sense.

The revelations at the end are quite disturbing but especially unexpected, which makes us all the more love the novel. It also gives us really wanted to have the following on hand! From that side, unfortunately I have not yet, but I'm about to get me .... For a first volume, the beginning is quite difficult to understand, time to see the ins and outs but then any file, everything flows source, one begins to play Kaleb torturer, but at the same time we want to help him find the light. Myra Eljundir knows wonderfully play with our emotions!

Justine P.

"Lucille tried to scream but pushes a silent cry because it not already know how. His mouth twists, the sound of the ghost battery, louder, is unbearable and implodes his eardrums, the pain wanders, she claw cheeks blood, pulls his ears to pull them up, throws herself at Kaleb feet. The young man can not see it. It becomes demonic archer and plays music of hell in the manic skull of his victim, whips blood the slightest hope parcel, ravaging her dreams, her desires destroyed, cares fire to the camp ruin what has become his brain. "

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