A damn good disc

A damn good disc

Superpowers (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Sudden is with his new album "superpowers" back. The rapper, who has already enjoyed success with his band Trailer Park, delivers with "super powers" a hip-hop dance album that served any prejudice and thereby produced to the point and in some own way is very fresh and life affirming itself in love.
The songs on the album are backed by electronics. Time phat beats, sometimes electric guitars and drums - so the 16 tracks are a motley mixture newfangled Hop Hop sounds. Times harder and leave times with Bitpop bonds, the individual songs on "super powers" subliminal sound like an old Atari game.
The singing of Sudden is very clear for Hip Hop conditions and in spite of quite rapid chant the lyrics sound clear and pick up the handset and genre typical manner with a current witty and ironically exaggerated manner with a short-term trip.
Very awesome songs like "Dörte Müller", "Try this Butterfly" or slanted something but somehow cool "Kill Hitler", presents the Sudden duet in Alligatoah. And so the young Niedersachse invites not only his fans, but all those interested in music to its very special journey on which he looks in many windows of everyday social and above all, love life and won mixed impressions with their own desires in order to own and somehow compelling because word funny way to put into his own words.
And so is "super powers" a strong album that clearly stands out from other hip hop productions of today. German Speaking, varied, very well highlighted music without leaving the genre entirely, Sudden delivers a damn good disc.

Top Song 2 Rank: 5/5
November 11
Super game for one fast lap Rank: 5/5
October 6
Suitable Towel Rank: 4/5
October 7
Super 1880 1415 Rank: 5/5
June 7

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