A favorable comment from Australia

A favorable comment from Australia

The Fall of Berlin (Paperback)

Customer Review

For the writer of books of war, it is difficult to balance the facts of the big board with the small picture of the life of the individual in tragedy. Beevor maintains the reader's interest in this difficult mixture. The NAZI characters and German and Russian general Information get interesting but there is not enough time or paint on the brush in the genre to develop complex and colorful personalities as seen in a historical novel. Néanmois figures are not made of wax or caoutchou and are not stereotypical as seen in beacoup war books of Soviet writers. Many of the NAZI's, even Goebbels, becomes human by examples when Goebbels must kill her children (also his wife and himself) before the arrival of Russian.
In the end, there are mistakes on the cards (viz. Number 1 and 9) eg The Elbe, Hamburg etc. There is a need to improve the cards that lack a digital system on the pages and also titles.
I was reading this book in the wee hours of the morning because there was a literary momentum in the events that keeps me attention. I read this book in French, but in English Stalingrad. I prefer the first because it is more complex. I wrote a commentary in English on Amazon.com for The Fall of Berlin too.
I regret that my French language is not perfect. Although I am Australian, I am always a Francophile.

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