A first-class ball-head with a wry Logo ;-)

A first-class ball-head with a wry Logo ;-)

Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact ball head (420g, max. 6kg Carrying power, 10cm working height) incl. 200PL quick release plate (Electronics)

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Servus! :-)

I am writing here just above the three products bought together, respectively, in a timely manner and are used together, this report in all three post and distribute course for each product individually Empfehlungssternderl ;-)
If you find the good clicks please on "... review helpful" Thank you.

Sirui P-326 + Manfrotto 496RC2 Crabin Ebeinstativ ball head Compact
Sirui T-1004X travel tripod

History how I ended to these three after some research:
Originally I just wanted a monopod. Small, light and the trip; Hiking always there to even with the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS (+ 7D and 2x Converter => 3 kg should have easily cope) to photograph "tiring". The monopod does not offer the stability of a tripod - clearly - but if you properly applies (monopod angle of a way through it support / lean body also acts as a tripod) you here much less camera shake. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to constantly wear the Equipement. ... If you have ever made a zoo with a heavy telephoto without a tripod will know what I mean ... ;-)

... With this technique you need but also a tripod head to the angle rebalance. The often advertised in combination with a monopod Manfrotto 234C tilt head is me with only one degree of freedom too inflexible and maximum load capacity 2.5 kg, me too tight - even if the Neiger also holds about allegedly eh "far" everything. BlaBla - I will not compromise.

Here handle for the first time the phrase "A good tripod and head buys you _einmal_ in life." ... So save nothing with.

The Einbeinen I finally swayed between the often purchased Manfrotto MM294A4 and some others in this category. It should be a branded yes. Then I discovered the "China Product". SIRUI. WTF !? ... How do you pronounce that ?! A lightweight carbon fiber at such a comparatively low price can no good! ... That's not true.

The Sirui P-326 Carbon monopod is great!

Pleasantly small, even with screwed ball head slightly and high quality. The twist locks are convenient and practical to use for something I find this better than the usual staples. The segments slide along well apart and again. An integrated spike can be by turning the rubber foot extension. Very convenient !!!
The foam grip is perhaps not quite as thick as in others, but he will do just fine and you also do not need to paws the monopod thus convenient to embrace. ... I have now is not necessarily the biggest hands.

As a "gimmick", there is a wrist strap and a compass ... Apparently the little toy compasses in the neighboring plant are left, meaning the part has not, unless you make ne series of photographs - all pictures northbound -D ... if that one Trend is, I insist that I had the idea to :-P
Very probably has a sense of small carabiner which also depends on the loop. * Clip * and is already the monopod at hand or back to the backpack; Camera bag; Belt :-)

The Carbon monopod and related technologies screw caps are very resilient. The maximum load capacity of 10 kg is clearly exceeded. An attached 10 kg weight was no problem at all.

= Clear 5 Stars. P / L is currently unbeatable.

Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact Ball Head incl. 200PL quick release plate

The purchase of the ball head, I have no regrets, Super-friction, Say "openly" with suitably dressed friction screw you can adjust camera + heavy lens safe and leave. Then there is of course much more difficult. For quick adjustment of the friction better back off a bit. The handling is very good. The processing of high quality, which emphasizes the market position of Manfrotto. However, I must be etched at this point. Manfrotto has it stuck the logo slightly _schräg_ (!!!). For a product which is intended to provide accuracy !? ... OMFG!

The quick release plate has been thought out and after some practice I coped with one hand even with the "security system". You have to take a small lever underneath the actual fixing lever when opening. This makes the system remains open and you can then just the camera again sit on - click - the quick-release plate is firmly seated. Hm. "Schnellwechselplatte" -D

For accurate adjustment a gearhead is better, no question, but I appreciate the flexibility and in combination with a monopod just a ball head is anyway useful.

=> 5 Stars (over the embarrassing quality control at the logo I see times over it ;-)

Thus, I was happy. :-) ... However. Hm. A tripod is a tripod. And since you currently already get no interest, it is probably better the savings for things to spend the already "eternal" hold ... "A good tripod and head buys you _einmal_ in life."

OK OK. Since I am now excited about Sirui pretty I looked at the three legs and am fast at
Sirui T-1004X travel tripod landed.

It goes a long way, has the practical screw caps, small pack size (Oh, that's great!) It can be flat as a pizza up center column can be taken out) and the camera hanging below Mount (important for macro shots). The center column has the way to a practical chopping to complain because tripod center column. Everything supi-horny and advertising text makes the whole thing a very tasty. A very good P / L ratio.

It comes with a nice little pocket and a shoulder strap.
Which one of you has actually admitted before a _Dreibeinstativ_ in a discotheque or bar? No one '? Oh ^^
On delivery day of the Sirui T-1004X I had to leave loose spotted with friends. Weather super; Biergarten. Because you think eh not to whether the stand is a problem. This however is not permanent and we moved on, eventually we ended up in a disco. Packed looks all like an elongated Handtascherl. I do not even have to hand it in at the cloakroom. Perhaps also because I look like a good study ;-) That's it. The additional designation "journey" deserves it with 1.1 kg, and the small pack size all. :-)

Minor complaint. There is also an extension of the central pillar, this may also be used in ultra-flat construction sensibly. I have screwed on the standard pieces to achieve it more height. Now I get the hand no longer! Tightness is indeed important - considering that at this end of 3000, - hang, but this is ridiculous. I take it from no point, because maybe it's up to me.

=> 5 stars (exceptionally good P / L ratio / would otherwise be justified 4 stars)

A word about our "testers" in the round.
People! It has been just in the photo area apparently naturalized blind to order 10 things to "test" all about and then sent back again. On the first of the I get were clearly it scratches. ... So that I would be able to live. Looks for a holiday anyway so from (I use it, too), but the strap was moldy (!) Really is not. The cleverness Meier has indeed thrown the silica-gel back into the box, but what's the point when the components _in_ plastic covers are - the salt should be at the belt. D_pp! Amazon should imho restrictive action against this test cleverness Meier, every three weeks ordered five things and then send back four again. Amazon has probably seen in the box, because it was all very neatly packed, but not accurate enough. ... Just my 2 cents ;-)

Best BBQ Rank: 5/5
October 8
FAKE counterfeiting 1 Rank: 1/5
May 21
Great product 937 Rank: 4/5
October 8
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October 15

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