A good product with lots of names ...

A good product with lots of names ...

Technoline BC 700 Battery Charger black (Accessories)

Customer Review

A good product with lots of names ...
Probable origin .: La Crosse Technology * Alpha Power Battery Charger BC700 / BC900 / BC9009
* User manual in PDF downloadable at .: La Crosse Technology Ltd (... please himself "balls".)
Surnames .: Technoline BC900 / BC700, ELV battery charge Center BC900, AccuPower IQ-228, Battery Doctor BC700, etc.

I have this charger (identical ... the following declaration .: La Crosse Technology / Model No .: BC-RS900 / Version .: v11- (2005-07); during a holiday shopping spree tour (Sweden 2006-03 ) discovered and there bought. In addition to multilingual user manual and Quick Start Guide part of the charger, a carrying case, each 4 Micro (AAA) batteries -700mAh, 4 Mignon (AA) batteries and also -1400mAh each 4 plastic adapter for baby and mono cells. The scope of supply may vary depending on the provider and model variant, and differ greatly its timeliness, of the listed here, please check the relevant offer descriptions very carefully ...

The operation .:
The expanded program chose me initially a little hard, but starts when you insert a battery pack without further action always the single shaft-monitored charging process with predefined and relatively harmless (about 200mA) standard streams. So who wants a little more, such as fast-charge or capacity test, which requires it probably every now and then a renewed look at the manual. A unique feature is for me, then, as now, the absolutely intelligent and gentle battery treatment in all modes. No battery has been destroyed by the charger, the battery-warming end of the charge is far below the limit of pain sensation (finger test). The batteries heat up against the end of charging increasingly high charging currents promote these harmful warming and reduce the number of possible charging cycles significantly, also is in imprecise charging end detection a permanent loss of capacity, and the immediate destruction of the battery possible. The only downer is how often mentioned, the weak detection of deep discharged batteries. Conclusion .: To me still a loader the league ...

Particularities .:
The LCD display provides information at a glance than average about the current operation of all charging bays, the current charging voltage and the selected charging current are continuously displayed, the previously taken or supplied capacity can be retrieved, the previously required time the selected action can be retrieved, individual supervision , Simultaneous charging of AA and AAA, mixed operation with NiCd and NiMH, charging end detection by Minus Delta (-dv), temperature monitoring (... there are only two sensors installed, therefore a precise individual supervision is probably only possible if a maximum of two battery pack into the same are the two outer or inner shafts loaded. Newer devices may be equipped with four temperature sensors.) pairs.

Possible Options .:
- Change the default charging current - (default approx 200mA)
- Shop with trickle charge followed.
- Capacity Test - (load, unload, store and issue of removable capacity in mAh)
- Refresh - (Repeated charging and discharging to the maximum available capacity no longer rises significantly)
- Unloading - (unique unloading and loading to alleviate a possible memory effect at the barely common nickel-cadmium batteries)

The following features are indicative of products that meet my review .:
The housing design is same for all models, differences can be discerned in color and accessories. The included switching power supplies differ in their power output. The chargers included with respect to the production periods vary current firmware versions. The probably invented product names often follow the designations .: BC700 and BC900.
BC700 - Switching power supply 3V .: 2.8A / charge currents .: 200mA x 4 x 4 500mA, 700mA x 4
BC900 - Switching power supply 3V .: 4.0A / charge currents .: 200mA x 4 x 4 500mA, 700mA x 4, x 4 1000mA, 1500mA x 2, 1800mA x 2

My subsequent tip about "revival of a deeply discharged battery" has been copied in a slightly modified form with an identical statement in subsequent reviews of Mitrezensenten, this disappointed or wonder no more, because it confirms the practicality of my original statements. So with the emergence of so-called first IQ-loader, or Chargers with intelligent charging functionality for already many years ago, there were the problems with the correct identification of deeply discharged batteries ...

Tip .:
Deeply discharged battery without additional "dumb" charger regenerate .:
Here's a little tip (completely ... even for laymen RISK-FREE ...) relating to deep discharge .:
Many reviews on this round cell charger include the criticism which deeply discharged batteries are not recognized and therefore can not be loaded.

To put it bluntly, "revive" a deeply discharged battery but it takes very little time / materials and / / expense. In just three easy steps and less than a minute you can have a deeply discharged battery to revive and then load as normal with the charger.

You need an electrically conductive metal surface, a partially charged or fully charged battery of the same type and size, an electrically conductive paper clip or the like, and the over-discharged battery.

1) Take the two round cells, the partially charged, and the deeply discharged and hold it with one hand close to each other so that one of the top of the two negative poles (- can see) -) (.
2.) The plus pole (+) (+), press the two round cells and keep them at the same time with gentle pressure on the flat metal surface.
3.) Now take the paper clip and connect it to the minus poles (-> -
Note that all components involved can become hot when in point 3.) specified amount of time is considerably exceeded. An extension of time does not lead to improve the desired effect ...

Was the battery for a very long time fully discharged, the described procedure was not successful, the battery was therefore again not recognized by the charger and the charging could not be done, so you can try it quietly two or three times, until the battery is as useless to look at and environmental friendliness should be discarded.

Background .:
In a deeply discharged battery AA or AAA cell voltage is well below one volt, or even already in negative territory (minus pole is the positive pole and vice versa). Some smart chargers maintain a discharged battery with extremely low cell voltage for defective or did not recognize him only. The procedure vorrangehend described the supposedly faulty battery, a very high charge current with very low voltage is briefly supplied. Was the battery a few days or hours fully discharged, then he is "revived" and his cell voltage increases, most likely it will be recognized by the charger and load normally. A refresh cycle should the formerly deeply discharged battery elicit more available capacity.

Boss ...
Please understand, the information and advice contained in this review have been compiled by me as a private person in my spare time conscientiously and responsibly, compiled and checked. They are mainly based on our own experience with the product, or the products and or give, here are the summary to many more. My reviews can fundamentally wrong, partly incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, illogical, unprofessional, unintentionally biased, and be absolutely correct and accurate. Especially you to trace any advice and instructions is the sole responsibility of the inclined reader, he has previously in an appropriate place (... competent persons) on the feasibility and safety for humans and animals to inquire, I can not guarantee this. All subsequent statements are and may be expressly "not" understood as expert opinion, please question them and compare all the facts with the statements of my hopefully abundant Mitrezensenten before coming to a final purchase decision ...

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October 26
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December 25
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October 11
Great product 3548 Rank: 4/5
September 2
Disc Protection Rank: 5/5
January 4

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