A good razor with a pleasant cooling effect

A good razor with a pleasant cooling effect

Brown Cooltec CT2s-w Wireless Wet & Dry Shaver (with active cooling technology) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

The Cooltex CT2s w fits comfortably in the hand, is relatively difficult. I find it very helpful that he can use both standard dry or in the shower. The shaving performance is good, but in my experience even better, than other good razors, and even with this device remain problem areas problem areas.
Wonderfully pleasant is the cooling effect by the cooling center bar. When my skin that reduces Although the irritation and redness of the skin can not be measured, but the cooling is very pleasant during shaving.
Wireless works is indeed now really eh standard. That was omitted on a direct cable connection, security is probably due to a wet razor. Charging with the charger has come in handy, but leads to travel to that you have to carry around more and more space than if just one cable must be plugged. On the other hand, the device for the journey also is relatively heavy (I have in all cases nor a Brown MobileShave for the journey, which is very small and light).
Nearly 3 shaves I get down when using the cooling, which approximately coincides with the specified 15 minutes walking. At home, the term is not a problem because the razor can be put back after shaving in the charging cradle.
The manual is kept easy to understand - however (as unfortunately usual) same for different models - a bad habit that is forgivable because of the small deviations of the models here.
A solid storage bag on the go would be desirable.

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