A helmet suitable for children and young adults

A helmet suitable for children and young adults

Snug Plug n Play Earphones / Headphones Kids DJ Style (Turquoise) (Electronics)

Customer Review

As a parent, we face a double bind: not permanently suffer the noise related to the activities of our children geeks (DS / MP3 / videos), while preserving their little sensitive ears.

To my 7 year old daughter, we had First of investing in a child with a special helmet element limiting sound levels. This purchase has not been successful, because in a somewhat noisy environment (like travel by car), the sound was so constrained what he could not hear.
Then we bought a helmet "princess", again a special child with its regulation on the cable. To our surprise, the headset worked quavec the addition of batteries, so wasnt really not practical.
After a few weeks of use of an adult helmet (which lincitait to be the highest volume since the atria nétaient not suitable for its size), we are very pleased with our new snug helmet.

The main advantage of this helmet is in the pads that surround loreillette. They are thick and comfortable, isolating outside noise. The size of the helmet, adjustable from both sides allows the child to adapt to the best profile.
There is no limiting of his, which suits us completely. And classic jack connection using makes it very easy to use. The cable is pretty thick and therefore strong for juvenile manipulations. Finally, the entrance of the cable into the helmet is secured by a small rubber backing that prevents twisting and thus premature wear and tear of the connection.

His crayon is mixed and may be suitable as a girl only by a boy, and as a child only by a teenager.

In conclusion, this headset is simple and efficient and you can safely buy it, you will not be disappointed.

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