A neat silkscreen espresso machine that makes through their easy handling, even at home fun

A neat silkscreen espresso machine that makes through their easy handling, even at home fun

Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines Espresso Machine, frother, stainless steel (houseware)

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The Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines espresso machine stands out with its simple design immediately catches the eye. Through the play of colors of silver metal with black plastic walls it looks simple and yet elegant and casually just like the traditional machines at good Italian just around the corner. This typical design runs through the entire apparatus, which is conspicuously reduced to the bare essentials: There is no digital display and is limited to three simple big buttons, which is a easy handling promises.
In the back of the machine, the water tank is positioned a large amount of the sums. He sits behind the filter and does not have to be completely removed, but can be easily filled from the top. However, the water level is difficult to read because the container is made of a dark plastic and you can see him only clear when viewed at eye level. Here a lighter plastic, a side display or other visual solution would have been desirable.
Before the water tank, the drip tray, which is designed for a larger amount is dripping water but by the lightweight plastic and the simple form does not work particularly resilient. In addition, it is to breath only in the metal frame without special fixtures so that it transmits the strong vibration at Espresso cooking on the cups that sometimes slip and clink together. In general, the machine is a little louder than others but focuses entirely on the most important thing: namely the perfect brew a good espresso!
The lights on the two main switches indicate when the machine is ready for use. The Aufwärmfase is fast and brewing as well, so it is definitely worthwhile to turn on the machine, even for a small espresso!
The heart of the machine is the massive, high-quality screen printing filters. His weight is top-heavy, but is very good in your hand and can be screwed without much effort in the machine. Even when emptying the already brewed powder of silk screen filter optimally holds the funnel in his device, so you can run the typical carefree tapping the trash can edge courageously which naturally causes the feeling to stand even in an Italian Market Cafe.
Because the machine does not turn off automatically after one portion, but the stop button must be pressed, the espresso connoisseurs can create specifically his individual request amount for cappuccino, latte and espresso Macciatto. It is a pity that the amount to the winery is very low and therefore have only small and shallow Cappuccinotassen place. Would this be adjustable for different cup sizes or at least placed a little higher, it would be optimal. Especially after an output still lags some water and you want to make a second, any cup underneath.
If the well brewed espresso finish, you have to wait a few seconds until the next can be done, otherwise the pressure in the filter is too high. But this time you can use perfectly to froth milk for cappuccino.
The milk frother works perfectly with the steam nozzle and is easy to clean. However, a slightly higher position would have been beneficial, so that you can prepare the milk in a jug here.
Effortless and convenient is definitely cleaning the machine. All items such as filters, strainer, nozzle, bowl and water tank are easy to put on and demountable and can be rinsed with clear water without any problems. Thanks to the simple appearance there is no delicate design lines or inaccessible areas that would have been difficult to clean under certain circumstances. The entire apparatus has no sharp corners and edges where you could injure yourself or that could even break too easily.
Conclusion: There is a neat silkscreen espresso machine at home makes the primitive, typical cafe-style through their easy handling fun!

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