A Nikon up

A Nikon up

Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera (24.2 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) LCD, Full HD, HDMI, WiFi, GPS, AF system with 39 focus points) body only (Electronics)

Customer Review

Since I am not a professional in the field and this is my first SLR, I can only describe my first impression and not throw technical details to me (the datasheet anyone can even see). Make now for many years (she has repeatedly thrown off the table my cat and it still works perfectly) pictures with a small Coolpix and was on the quality of photos and the camera itself absolutely convinced.
When I tried to occupy myself a little more intense with the subject of photography, I decided to buy me an SLR (to which the cat no longer comes off) and by the good experience with the Coolpix I have resorted back to Nikon.
This was not a mistake! Am absolutely excited about the opportunities that arise with the D5300. In the automatic program, it can be of any toddler effortlessly serve (and-shoot). The photos are technically correct (in the automatic program, for own maladjustments, the camera can not) and of impressive quality, even at high ISO sensitivities. Who renounces the automatics and myself want to experiment with the possibilities, has taken with this camera certainly not a bad choice. It offers everything that makes a professional camera (except for the full-frame sensor), supported with advice to the shooting situation, is very good and easy to use. The buttons for the numerous settings are so attached to the case that you can adjust everything, without interrupting the view through the viewfinder. In the viewfinder itself all the necessary information is displayed. Practice and expertise, however, are already required, as with any other camera also. I deal now only for a quarter with seal reflex cameras and am absolutely delighted with the flexibility that was on offer with such a system. Meanwhile, I'm doing so even astrophotography with my telescope, which would be possible only with a limited pocket camera or not. The high resolution, which I usually do not think it necessary to me is to come meet helpful. Enlargements are not a problem when the number of pixels. What I unfortunately something is missing is a preview button to see the effect of the aperture set on the photo. There are, however, a trick: If one an aperture, and then switch to Live View, the camera shows the image at the aperture selected on the monitor and you can judge the depth of field. To see the effect of different aperture, the LiveView must but again off and on, since the camera aperture is not changed during Live View. But for that it offers functions such as interval recording, which is not in any manufacturer on board. Another little tip for iris control with zoom lenses: the aperture fully open at the shortest focal length in the aperture priority mode or aperture priority (program A), the camera with a focal length change automatically always the maximum aperture a, which is very helpful for example when shooting at telephoto zooms to keep the exposure time as short as possible, or the sensitivity at ISO Auto set low. Would not any time to buy back a Niko camera.
01/25/2014 brief addendum: a common reason for buying a camera with APS-C sensor (half-size) is still affordable price. That was at least for me. This then also applies to the lenses that determine the quality of photos considerably. Again, I have resorted to the same Nikon and bought the "standard lens" for the DX format. Firstly, the AF-S 18-55 and the AF-S 55-200, both of which have been for less than 120, and in my opinion are worth the money. When buying a lens you look well as not only to the smallest f-number, which is f / 3.5 certainly be beaten, but in this price range. The image stabilization was also an important criterion for me, because I have not the quietest hands and could do with 200mm focal length without stabilization and tripod no useful photo more. All in all it was a really good decision to buy for me, because the camera is just great for practice and good lenses can be had at a reasonable price. Of course you can also spend significantly more money on lenses, but whether it's worth it to a half-size? The next camera is then a full frame, of course, again a Nikon.

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