a piece of (Austrian) music history

a piece of (Austrian) music history

SCHICK shock (Audio CD)

Customer Review

as much as you read about this drive before release, consistently positive. it could make an almost afraid all music magazines praised this work in the sky. That was a sign that storybook is very special succeeded.

My expectations for this album were exceeded, which is consistently on überragendem level. this playful lightness paired with so straightem sound. it's just unbelievable. This versatility, this mix of different genres, this "arrogance" in Maurice's voice ...... all this makes chic shock unique.

I would like to take this opportunity not to highlight song, well-known (plansch, maschin, finest silk) has set the bar pretty high already decided that then OM and spliff could maintain this level, already had some expect. I was stressed out when I got the album, I played first time from the as yet unknown numbers. and I remained standing mouth open. This can be really difficult to describe in words. storybook provides music from the storybook, which have their very large place in the Austrian music history so sure.

this album has a simple liked the musical abilities of these gentlemen, the texts and also the appearance of the band. all adds up to a body of work that has Austria probably never seen before. thank her picture books, you are great.

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