A pleasant additional part in the evening routine, but no miracle product.

A pleasant additional part in the evening routine, but no miracle product.

Philips SC5265 / 12 Visapure Essential facial cleansing brush, blue (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

The electric face cleaning brush from Philips has integrated 5 weeks with me in daily Abschminkroutine and I really do not want to miss the brush well, but it is not miraculous!

First, to the application:
The electric brush I have charged overnight on the right rickety station - unfortunately there is no magnet or other mechanism holds the brush to the charging station. Since the battery is kept and I had not reload again - the promise of the 30 applications is therefore maintained and is definitely convenient for travel! (If you are traveling for a few weeks and charges the brush before, so it is completely sufficient!)

The plugging of the brush is very easy and also how to replace the brush heads manage properly,

The 20Sekunden for the three different parts of the skin appeared to me at first quite short, but after a few days you get used to it and comes with time along very well.

Before using the cleaning brush I remove the makeup off with a eye make-up remover and a make-up cloth. The brush I use in combination with a cleansing gel.

The result:
Since I started using the brush, I really consider myself every night at my Abschminkroutine because I then really like very much the pleasant facial massage and the purified feeling. Unlike a normal brush to swing with his hand in a circular motion, the cleaning with Visapure is really relaxing and one uses no power. The face is then also much cleaner because compared to previously located at dry with a cotton pad no more dirt in it. When I'm gone away for a week and the brush had forgotten accidentally, I really missed the nightly cleaning with the brush (and I felt even slightly "dirty" before, because I had the impression my makeup not really completely abzubekommen).

But unfortunately I could not see any significant improvement in my skin next to the clean feeling and relaxation. I know that many are only just slogans, but I really could not detect minimal improvements. The pores are the same size, the impurities are not diminished and the skin is now not particularly shines.

The price:
The price is comparable with the Clarisonic Mia-cleaning brush and I have really wanted to resemble this and improve my complexion clear. Unfortunately, I could see no improvement after just 4 weeks, which is why the sales price for me would be just too high.

Other brush:
The sensitive brush I find very good, although I already sufficient the normal brush. For additional scrub brush I would not necessarily grasp that I brought them "rough" find and I find that the conventional brush already really enough there.

I'll keep the cleaning brush from Philips and definitely continue to use every night, but we must not expect too much and I would have the choice again and would the EIA should lie down by almost 140, I would probably do without. It's just a wonderful addition to the nightly cleansing or facial tissues and cleaning routine, but it is not a miracle product that the skin missed a Porzellainteint.

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