A politically correct thriller

A politically correct thriller

Mr Mercedes (Paperback)

Customer Review

I had high expectations of this new work by Stephen King, we must say that the last ten years, I adhere more unconditionally as I could do it in the big time (in my opinion of Mr. King: Pet Sematary , That Shining, The Stand ...). Novels like Dome had seemed endless to me with underlying story certainly interesting but not so well exploited his previous novels.

My opinion of this new work by Stephen King is mixed. The beginning especially the introduction taking place unemployed a recruitment day is as impressive mastery of the author is great; the action is terrifying, violent and unhealthy. The great Stephen King as I have loved. By cons, but it remains a marked opinion of subjectivity, from the first chapters, we learn of the killer and his motives and the pursuit of the suspect seemed rather flat and producing situations sum all very traditional.

Without revealing the end of the book, the final apotheosis seemed fully complied with the conventions of political correctness that pervades us everywhere and even in the novels of Stephen King! No, his book does not depart a good end.

In conclusion, I oscillate between the glass half empty and half full glass, a good start, good ideas but treatment altogether traditional.

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