a real alternative to reading book

a real alternative to reading book

Cybook E-Reader (Paperback)

Customer Review

Today I deliver you a small and brief review Bookeen Cybook Gen3 with.

In all simplicity, the technical data:
Housing dimensions: 117 * 189 * 8 mm
The reading area is 90 * 122 mm, E Ink monochrome
Weight: 184 grams without cover
BIOS Version 1.2 (04/2009)

Supplied with the reader and a mini USB cable.

Connecting and charging the device via the supplied USB cable.
The reader is recognized by the PC as 2 removable media (512MB + shaft).
In the reader there is a SD card slot for cards up to 2GB; However, the device does not withstand any HC cards (SD card> 2GB).
I think that's now not just as a disadvantage as well as already so can take plenty of reading material.
On delivery, the shaft is unfortunately empty, that is to prevent foreign body, you should at least plan a dummy or a small SD card.

The device is very light and is also comfortable to hold.
It is made entirely of plastic, but feels nonetheless quite wertig on.
The directional pad meisst used on the front has a good tactile feedback and a clear feedback.
The reader responds swiftly and promptly to commands.
On the left are 4 buttons (mp3 player / menu / cancel / remove) and right are again 2 buttons (volume up / down) to the MP3 mode.
Unfortunately, the headphone jack is only 2.5 mm stereo, ie one needs an adapter to connect normal headphones (as long as you "abuse" the reader as an MP3 player would).
If the device only once on the computer can be directly Mobipocket, HTML, PalmDoc and transferred as pdf ebooks.
Super I find that I can spend my lyrics in many font sizes to save the handle for glasses.
The same works with graphics, as you have to be above a certain size "move" with the directional pad
Also there is the possibility of TrueType fonts einzuspielen and use (I have not yet used).
Image formats are JPG, PNG and GIF (Colorful is converted to grayscale).
For audio only mp3 is accepted.

The simplest and best for ebooks I have used the Mobipocket Reader (available here: [...]).
Food is nothing and really easy to use.
The program can convert and transfer the data also equal and the Reader.
MP3's and photos can be copied directly.

The display is high contrast and is getting better with increasing brightness; even and especially in direct sunlight the display is top notch.

The reader takes about 20 sec "boot" for.
The documents are displayed in groups of 5/10/20, selected via directional pad and then started, it works relatively fast even with large documents.
For each document in the reading progress is saved separately.
The leaves in documents to work quickly, you can also jump directly to pages.

For battery life I can not make any definitive statement, it was said that life for about 8000 pages rich.

I actually wanted to write no manual, I come to the end times and still cling to a small conclusion:

So unlike the Sony Reader 505 the Frenchman is a real highlight, easy to use, easy and for me a real alternative to the traditional book.

Actually, I only have 2 things bothered:
The 2.5 mm jack for headphones (I can handle) and
the lack of cover (cost around 35-45 euros extra again).

After my test of the Sony PSC-505 I thought that the readers are not yet so far .... - the Gen 3 I will keep only a cover I have yet to be ordered.

So long Folks and a lot of fun, good times read ;-)) - your dago

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