A real fighter design but also very versatile and complete!  Our selection!  (With GPS and WIFI)

A real fighter design but also very versatile and complete! Our selection! (With GPS and WIFI)

Olympus TG-860 Waterproof Digital Camera photo and all-terrain Mpix 16 - Screen 3 "- Optical Zoom 5x - Orange (Electronics)

Customer Review

The brief:

This device is really very good. It provides in many respects for a compact and it's really very convincing. It is relatively expensive but worth every penny! Really love! It is designed to the action but not just for me and this is its greatest asset.

The camera's grip is very simple for basic functions such as advanced. It is very intuitive. I deliberately used almost all functions before watching the manual. With its numerous buttons and control wheels, thank you god no need to go searching through menus encased too complex final, everything is clear and I enjoyed it very much.

For a person who does not necessarily control the picture, the camera automatically manages certain parameters and I was fine to try to miss it a lot repairs movement or other errors.

For my husband makes the bike for my son who likes to do sports or movies, I have need of some effect or color controls and macro for my drawing models, it's just the bivalent device par excellence.

I note that it is especially suitable for shooting underwater (not yet had the opportunity to test it peels because here too) with many settings ideal for diving as the "Underwater Macro" .

By cons I advise immediately the purchase of backup batteries because a third of the battery used in 30 minutes, it suggests that it will take material support to take several hours. (And charger can charge the camera)

This device gets to 4/5 more difficult tests lesnumeriques.com is to say if it's good. It loses a star for its price and the quality of images in 3200 and 6400 but since my use is really anecdotal. For me compared to my simple expectations, I have had no hesitation between 4 and 5 star, it's a big 5 !!!

Compared to previous models, it features a built-in GPS and WiFi which can control it from the portable, a plus but not in action because the laptop is not shock him).

Why do I think the choice of this device? for its dual mode, for its look, for the quality of his shots and especially for his resistance.

Its strengths:
_Audio really successful design
_sa resistance
_sa most current focal (April 2015) for compact
_Audio super macro mode that I love for the pictures very closely (1 cm)
intuitive _navigation with explanatory note for each item
_the shutter button before
_a large screen (7.6) very readable (watch far less sunlight but it's still manageable wiping fingerprints) and lifts to aim well on both sides
_Two threads: a bottom, side to put on a tripod
_a super macro mode for my awesome paint or pastel styles! Very accurate even very close!
_très practice: at the rear a round button toggles directly save mode
I forgot to mention that this model is wireless and can connect directly to their smartphone, easy and simple to use.

_no convinced by the promised sharpness of pictures using sport to cancel the blur of motion, with or without regulation, I do not see the difference (in short, a detail)
_no not convinced by some artistic effects in close-up (including black and white and another effect that gives the impression that something comes out of a chimney)
Frankly he especially strengths.

I suggest you go see the very visual page Olympus on their product to realize the versatility and the complete package that this product represents.

CONTENTS of the box:

_appareil (112x64x28mm size and weighs 224g when completed)
_batterie (3.7V / 950mAh)
_câble charging and connection
_élément for wall charging (charging time = 3 hours max charging before first use)
_cd software installation manuals +
Startup _manual only

(Watch the card is a SD, micro-SD not a surprise to the opening, not supplied)



Really very successful! I have the version with metallic orange before and I find it very nice (only if you like that look very sporty). The only weird thing is the two large screws on the front that give the impression of buttons while the shutter button from the front (very handy that matter) it is very discreet .



It supports 100 kg, falling to two meters 10 and is water resistant to 15 meters. In short it is cut to accompany you everywhere without spending time to protect it. It also supports the -10 ° temperature.
With Sonny, we tested the falls of my height (165cm) result = he escaped nickel! (Phew, yet I was nervous over the screen which occupies 2/3 of the back of the beast)
We checked the tightness (not good at 15 meters, they had not at hand), impeccable also the manufacturer recommends rinsing the tap to clean it which in itself is super convenient to the sand.
Be careful though to remember to lift the screen to dry below before opening the valve to prevent water will fit in it. The water is a little stuck behind.

And remember to délocker access to the battery before attempting to open it, I have returned a nail!

SportCam MODE

The image is fluid and especially the color rendering is really good.
The passages bright area / dark area are well managed.
The sound is okay because it takes a very close to the camera sounds, but simply to make sensations.


Again it is very versatile for compact fighter and it was enough to have fun with 16 Mw to the meter, a 5x optical zoom (which goes up to 20x by combining digital zoom with good but personally I do not use digital zoom). A 21-105mm focal length. 20 scene modes. And as a bonus some artistic filters (ok that's gadget because it is much cleaner to apply them after a normal photograph). Gusts modes etc. It is very comprehensive.
The images I made are very successful with no effort or too spraining with the settings. Roulette easily toggles between all modes, you can even make panoramic.

The SOFTWARE provided

This is Olympus Viewer 3.
It allows a very simple import and view images, specific changes or just for fun or retoquer a slight defect. Again very intuitive compared to software that I've experienced.
The history allows to reverse all changes made without concern. Again it's a 5/5.

Dsl for shots of the device itself, it is taken with a smartphone.

I enjoyed 5 Rank: 5/5
December 30
No problem 29 Rank: 5/5
March 14
Console yes but not at all pc Rank: 1/5
February 19
Hang a little fragile Rank: 3/5
January 20
Dryer perfect! Rank: 5/5
May 1

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