A romance any comforter, a confirmed favorite for the pen of Mhairi McFarlane

A romance any comforter, a confirmed favorite for the pen of Mhairi McFarlane

As if it was you (Hardcover)

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Remember the end of 2013, javais had a huge heart for cétait Because we first novel Mhairi McFarlane. A little romance as it is in that mavait completely subjugated. This is therefore with joy that I ran on her second novel that has just been published by Editions Milady Romance. And I must say that I have not been disappointed. This is still a blow of heart!

It all starts at the end Danna party. A party is going badly for her. Who is downright catastrophic, a nightmare. She is ridiculed before the whole school by the boy she loves secretly James. Because you need to know Quà the time, Anna was big, really big (she weighed 60 kg to 10 years). Which unfortunately makes mockery jungle merciless quest high school. But here it was that too and it changed his life forever.

Fifteen of years later, Anna has completely changed the point that when his former comrades the cross at the evening reunion of high school, they do not recognize. Including James. This is how what will end up working with James on what organizes an exhibition without that he knows who she is. And their debut will be more fierce than Anna has not forgiven him and is sure that this is always the same as James does not understand what is wrong with Anna for what is as hellish. Except that James has also changed and continues to change because of a divorce, which promises to be difficult. And that is how, little by little, they will eventually grow closer. But not going to be that easy: there is still the secret Danna, past acts of James and a lot other things.

Jai found with great pleasure feather Mhairi McFarlane. His humor (Q. Do i chuckled) but also its delicacy, its softness, its fluidity. She still my board with its colorful characters and that she never chooses ease. Anna is really lon lamie that would like to have, it's funny, bubbly and does not let her past the rot. As for James, this is complicated. The first notice has quon this is that this is a big SOTB. Then gradually as Anna, we understand that he was a teenager and now it is a man. We discover who he really is and we forget little by little what it has done in the past only to be totally, completely in love. It is funny, cute, really absolutely too adorable cabbage plus he has a cat! The main characters again perfectly successful and the secondary characters are not left!

So I've chuckled, jai also squeaked, i stupidly mouse, and I have been sequined butterflies in the stomach. It is a real sweet romance as any I love, as I devoured them. And besides, star on the Christmas tree (the icing on the cake Christmas version), the book is full of references! Jen have identified 12 but I'm sure I forgot jen full (we are entitled to this dear Mr Darcy or the Avengers, or even marrêter Glee and I'm going there to let you discover the pleasure of the pages).

In conclusion, I will say that I am more in love with the pen of Mhairi McFarlane, I am totally fell in love James * squeals * jai jai giggled and squealed with this romance is more than the traditional but cozy romance a reflection on the behaviors that one can have and the traces that they leave on our lives or on The acceptance of self.

This book was published in VO in December 2013, it is therefore just a year. But Mhairi McFarlane has just published his third novel Its Not Me, Its You (and it's even better on Goodreads noted that its previous novels). So I hope to quon laura in French from next year round! * * Petitsyeuxdechatpotté


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