A romance to read holiday season

A romance to read holiday season

Tender Vigil (Paperback)

Customer Review

First, I immediately was drawn to cover the colors of Christmas. And now, I can say that the content is just as delicious as that first impression. This is a great discovery!

The reader soon discovers four friends, each with their own history, which makes it very different women: Katy, a married woman who is also a mom; Alex, the bride; Johanna, the femme fatale; and finally heroine, Lydia, romantic woman. But tension will soon surface: the boyfriend of the moment Johanna is none other than lex Lydia enough spice up the story.

However, it is not clear that the romance néchappe some shots. Lydia finds himself in a complicated situation because it asks which man to choose between his ex, her boyfriend and a stranger. Indeed, her boyfriend, Stephen, this is typically close to perfect that it seems that it ny has more passion between them.

So the theme of relationships is at the heart of this book. It is a question above all of love but also of friendship. Between humiliation, crepe buns and regulations of accounts, senchaînent surprises! This Christmas promises to be memorable in its own way. Well that it there are also a few laps, I have also enjoyed the surprise ending who knows her way.

In short, this is a pretty romance that knows how to handle the twists and authentic characters, although we here in néchappons not hesitant heroine snapshot in the sentimental domain. But this story is well worth a read for its idyllic setting and warm atmosphere of Christmas.

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