A simple letter where the metaphor is queen

A simple letter where the metaphor is queen

A simple love letter: novel (Paperback)

Customer Review

A lucid and courageous letter, bitter and alarmist, exalted and passionate, sweet and sour mix, beautiful and ugly, a "simple" letter to settle accounts with the past, with what has been and will more ...
A love letter, carnal love, passionate love, devastating love disappoints, bruising, love that breaks credulity, true love, pretends love ... love this great tote born, which seeks on which you bet, carrying, running out of steam, proboscis, wears and ailing.

The very long love letter from a man to the one he desired like crazy, he loved or loving thought, a sort of balance sheet retrospectively moments he shared with her, handing question of one who has suffered from having loved too, have been replaced, a man screaming his pain, externalizes the releases. This is a wounded man trying to find in the literature, their love story, a man who is accused of all the ills of the earth, is an avalanche of defaults, "nasty, selfish, liar, capricious, manipulator, faithless, violent, bad faith, draft, dispersed, wavering, jealous "... and as if that were not enough, he adds in his already long list yet," unpredictable, unpleasant, likely, excessive, immature, impatient , irritable, stressed, self-centered, hypochondriacal, messy, pretentious, garrulous, easily influenced, unstable, lazy, inconsistent, taciturn, temperamental, impatient, unreliable, impulsive ... ". It's also a man who travels to the evidence and not tender in how to do so, nor to her or to himself.

It is a reflection on love, the couple, infidelity, happiness, communication, loneliness, hatred, disillusionment ... their love story, this "misunderstanding", the one he proven and that made him open his eyes on her, about him, about them, about their fears, fears, desires, doubts and certainties. No doubt he has written everything he could not tell her, she reproached him never to speak ...

So yes, it hits hard and Yann Moix metaphor is Queen ... it's so well written, written in apnea or weightless, it depends a breathtaking pace, a letter that one reads without take a breath, a beautiful exercise in style, a performance which I appreciated ...

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