A slightly different zombie movie!

A slightly different zombie movie!

Warm Bodies (Amazon Instant Video)

Customer Review

I had seen the trailer and I thought only: WTF. A zombie who falls in love what is the idiocy, but I was curious. When I saw then gives him here at Prime I have it to me but then looked at times, but with no great expectations. And the film surprised me. The first 10 minutes have already convinced me why? Because the story from the perspective of a zombie comes to the comments themselves and with even with dry humor. The logic let's leave aside (is eh not so important in a "zombie film").
I had a kind of "Twilight" but fortunately did not expect what was so. The love story itself takes place more in the background (thankfully). The thing that really stands in the foreground is the development of R and later his "Zombie Friends". They are human again.

What bothered me is this new fashion with a vengeance to get a FSK 12. This means the zombies look relatively harmless and the action scenes are cut things not all too much looks, and I think that's because some are still quite marginal. I found that at Hunger Games and some other way. Then a bit extra and ne Fsk 16th

Conclusion: No blockbuster but still an entertaining movie with a totally nutty idea and a bit of humor.

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