A small dream come true!

A small dream come true!

Pokemon Alpha Saphir (video game)

Customer Review

~ This review contains no spoilers great that would want to spoil the fun ~

After more than 11 years the time has come!

At that time it was for me yes a small revolution, the first Pokemon game on the Gameboy Advance, graphically so "amazing" if you were used to the previous Pokemon games on the Gameboy Color. I've played all Pokemon editions, and for me is the Hoenn region has always been the best of all regions (followed closely by the Jotho Region). Since then I've played Pokemon the first time and saw Diamond / Pearl, shot me just a thought through my head: It would if the Legendary Pokemon Sapphire / Ruby would be time "renewed" in this graph.

After I played through Pokemon X / Y, and quite intrigued by the number of innovations was that can produce so the 3DS, I almost fainted as a short time was announced later, the now Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby for 3DS to be renewed, and are then also appear already nearly 1 year later!

Where did I finally held it in my hands, I put obviously going immediately. You start the game, waiting to know what comes now, and will be "swept away" in the truest sense of the word! The intro is not very different from the usual intro of 2002, however, it looks natural outstanding. Good looking 3D graphics, and beautiful, recently created music, but always and everywhere sticks to the originals of the originals editions, give the usual game a new look. There are also in the course of the game a lot, new cutscenes, which we have never seen until today in Sapphire / Ruby.

Anyone who has ever played Pokemon X / Y, maybe even loved, will feel at home here in the first second. It was adopted in principle all of these editions. That is the fighting, the move, the contact with people, the graphics, everything has remained the same. Although missing small innovations like the make of one's character, or the roller skates that is but also to cope with, particularly as it comes to remakes of the third generation here, and then there was not something well. The mega-developments (which for my taste though are nice, but would not have been necessary) are again going to also come yet another form of development which did not exist previously. These must be said that unlike Pokemon X / Y there is plenty more details here, I feel that much more love was reingesteckt here. The backgrounds of the fighting now see just a tad bit better, just as the movement of the protagonist has been improved. In the full flavor of the game you come but only if you the Pokemon League have finished, and already on the verge of you will with your Pokemon "fly", as you have only dreamed it. Overall, I must say that I, despite everything I've seen in Pokemon, and that's just everything, was often very surprised. The game light up with new ideas, and which are not only perfectly managed but also make you want more.

Who Pokemon Sapphire & Ruby, Emerald, where appropriate, loved, and was possibly already busy with Pokemon X / Y, which must strike here necessarily. These must be said that these remakes are limited to Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, ie things that existed in Pokemon Emerald, there is not here, such as the combat zone, which is a thick minus point, because it was, at least for me the only place in Pokemon, which was really challenging. For this you will be spoiled but with plenty of other new features this time, so that again a great addictive is also produced here. It is in spite of some negative points the best Pokemon game that you can find the time. If you already strikes addition, a special Beldum including Mega-Stone will receive an Internet connection, this promotion runs until 14th January 2015th


+ The best of Pokemon regions in wonderful 3D graphics with several new features!
+ Many new mega-developments, introduction of "Protomorphose", a new type of development (however, only applies to 2 Pokemon).
+ The difficulty is indeed still "child friendly", but noticeably heavier than in Pokemon X and Y!
+ During and even after the main story, there are many more options than they did in Pokemon X and Y, a long season is guaranteed!
+ Retro feeling at its best, much more sophisticated music than in Pokemon X and Y!
+ The epic 3rd generation, at a later stage also with many other Pokemon of newer and older generations!
+ Hard to believe, but this time you can catch really GALORE Legendary Pokemon!
+ After the main story is in front of the main story! After her the new Pokemon Champ since, waiting for you directly a new adventure!

- The music has been indeed always very good reissued, however sound the "new" versions of the fight against Pokemon Champ, and the soundtrack if you fight against a Legendary Pokemon such as Kyogre, very bad (compared to the original) and these are actually the most important points in the game.
- No snow area, it lacks a bit of variety in terms of locations.
- Again, no combat zone (maybe it is a give in an upcoming update).
- The EP stupid because it already gave divider in X / Y. If you turn it gets the whole team experience points after winning a fight, even if only one Pokemon has struggled (The Pokemon that has fought gets yet the full EP). Later on it is quite useful if you train in the Pokemon League, but before that you should definitely turn it off, because otherwise the whole adventure is far too easy (which it never went in Pokemon to the challenge, but to the infinite game).

I chose Alpha Saphir because I find Kyogre better. If I see one or the other review, because of it is again just the usual 3D, and there are few innovations, is getting boring, etc .. At the time when there was the first edition we could not even dream that we Pokemon served someday in such a perfect graphics get. Who now still do not like the real is beyond help ...

I hope I could help one or the other in their purchasing decision without spoilers great.


is already in the garden Rank: 5/5
September 18
Not so easy 3 Rank: 3/5
May 1
Proper functioning 3 Rank: 4/5
April 5
well 1 3370 Rank: 4/5
March 25
very good, produced in 2087 Rank: 5/5
July 10

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