A subjective comparison to Braun 795cc and Panasonic ES-LA93 with surprise

A subjective comparison to Braun 795cc and Panasonic ES-LA93 with surprise

Panasonic ES8807 Wet Dry Battery Shaver (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

More than 30 years I shave wet (last with Gillette Sensor Excel) and has always been pleased. Since I have hurt me but because of skin irregularities in recent times more common here, I wanted to now switch to the Trockerasieren. Because decision difficulties I have had to send me the two most interesting, according to reviews razor, since both companies grant a right of return even when using.
Since man fortunately has two sides of the face, I could leave both razor compete against each other:

Test experience:

1. with the Braun 795cc Braun Series 7/795 CC Shaver (System)

higher-quality look and feel, and technically more complex than the Panasonic. Also shave possible with power connector. High battery capacity. Slightly quieter and softer in tone, probably because much deeper tone frequency.
Very good shaving result identical to the Panasonic (maybe even minimally worse) but not quite as good as with the wet shave. No razor bumps. Made in Germany (employment?)

Acquisition price almost twice as expensive. Significantly heavier and larger than the Panasonic. Cleaning extra-cleaning device footprint and relatively high costs (detergent). Cleaning easy but a total of more cumbersome than the Panasonic because the cleaning device itself probably needs to be cleaned sometimes. Blade Cutter expensive in the replacement purchase.

2. with the Panasonic ES8807 Wet Dry Battery Shaver

significantly lighter and smaller than the Braun unit. Half the price, no additional costs other than spare parts and read shearing blades (cheaper than in brown).
Simple and fast and effective cleaning under the tap using ultrasound setting. Wet shaving using shaving cream with very good results still possible. High Akkukappazit├Ąt. Gas Office charging in under an hour!
Very good shaving result, the almost even a bit better than appear with the Braun unit in the dry shaving. In the wet shave better than Brown who do not offer this possibility, but still a bit of worse than after wet shaving with a blade! No razor bumps.

Acts of the look and feel a bit cheaper than the Brown, is not quite as good in your hands, because smaller. Shaving in the power cord is not possible because charging an empty battery is possible for a shave within 5-10 minutes, this point is not too critical. Subjectively, not so beautiful sound because of high frequency.

3. with the Panasonic ES-LA 93 Panasonic ES-LA93-K803 Dry Wet battery Herrenrasierer incl. Cleaning station

Shaved of all 3 razors clearly best - very gently and more thoroughly (especially the critical neck area) than with the Panasonic ES8807, already as good as the Brown caught the whiskers. He is, despite or because of its size very well fed and well inthe hand. one could call him directly as the hand. Otherwise hervorzuhebenen that the Panasonic LA93 mastered also excellent wet shaves compared to brown and can be cleaned much better can, that even without a cleaning station. This is due to it that with him, in contrast to Braun shaver, the shaving head is not closed and more clearly visible and easier to rinse under the tap. The LA 93 has also an ultrasound function (such as the ES8807) with the device can be excellently cleaned with soap under the faucet, so you, the cleaning station is required only to have to Internsivreinigung.
Speaking Cleaning Station here the cost is compared to the Brown Station considerably lower because the Panasonic cleaning cartridges do not contain alcohol and therefore can not evaporate as quickly. In addition, you can also just sas device for drying and cargo use (savings of cleaning liquid). The LCD display is illuminated in Verleich to indicate the Braun device and easier to read and has a few more display functions.

The Panasonic ES-LA93-operates with its big razor rather clunky and difficult (especially compared to the handy small ES8807). In terms of appearance and feel it does not reach the value of the 795cc Braun. In total, more brilliant, but probably quite high-quality plastic.

For the perfectionists of Panasonic ES-LA93 with its (for me at least) clearly the best shaving, which is to beat only with a sharp (new) blade, clearly the best choice.
For realists / pragmatist and people who must shudder at the money, the Panasonic ES 8807 with better price / performance ratio the better choice! Very good shaving result (nocht quite as good the Panasonic e LA93). Possible small and easy to stow dry and wet shaving, easy handling and low costs.
For people who prefer the Exclusive, techies have and money is no object is the Brown with his nobler bulky appearance with hygiene level indicator and cleaning station might be a better choice. The shave is for me not better but at least clearly worse with me than with the Panasonic ES-LA 93rd
For purists and people who require the optimum shaving result remains
Wet shaving blade means is still the best choice, but maybe a little more complicated and with risk of injury. But there must be a new and sharp blade would otherwise be the Panasonic LA-93 also runs the blade from the rank.

Final note:
Since I was able to test the two razor for a few days, I can not make any comments on the reliability of two razors. Also I can not rate the durability of very good Klingenqualti├Ąt of Panasonic also. But I could go more often with its follow-up costs blade and shaving foil of the significant price difference for Braun device and stand financially, and probably also with respect to the Rasierergebnisses there still better.
Today, Brown is 795 cc and later the Panasonic ES8807 returned, the Panasonic ES-LA93 tip device I keep now finally with joy and say Ade to wet shaving.

Recommended for larger people Rank: 3/5
February 5
Convenient but ... 30 Rank: 2/5
August 30
just received my pink shell Rank: 4/5
March 4
does not meet its primary function! Rank: 1/5
September 30
Proximity sensor no longer works Rank: 2/5
December 23

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