A successful purchase

A successful purchase

Minadax progammable LCD Timer release for Canon EOS, as TC-80N3 (optional)

Customer Review

You should review only actually, if you've worked for a while with the device. But as yet existed no review, I want to deviate from this principle to ever provide at least information for prospective customers.

As I said, I maintain now, it was a successful purchase. I had long been looking for a way to make time-lapse photography. Having a Canon EOS 600 SLR SLR had bought, has the a remote control input (remote control input), it made sense to purchase a matching timing device. I ended up doing the same ordered to do so.

The "Minadax programmable timer trigger" for 37.90 Euro is a handy, lightweight device whose output jack you can easily plug into the input of the camera. First, you can simply use the unit as a blur-trigger because over the cable no forces are transferred to the camera when triggered. In addition, you can program the device yet. This then means that the device can trigger the camera automatically in certain selectable intervals periodically. There are four different modes:
a) Self-timer
b) Interval Timer
c) Long Exposure
d) release number prefix
The programming is very simple, if you read the instructions, which is fortunately not a big book, but explained in a few words the real function clearly.
Was not there something else? Oh yes! Without battery, of course is nothing. And where is she? Do I have to buy now extra? That can not be true! As a matter of fact! You just have to look. So, the battery is so tiny that they are not discovered at first glance, as small as a two-cent coin. The lag in plastic wrap, but you had to look very closely to find it. So the plastic box is not hasty to throw away! First with the glasses!

Is there nothing to complain now? There was still something. That's right: the manual. It is only in Chinese and in English. As would be actually really anyone can bring himself to transfer the few sentences into German. Apparently there are people who can not speak English let alone Chinese. And what we ever mean? Correct: The equipment comes from China, but is now to be a value judgment.

Finally, a concrete result: I have tried the device on the camera, and it works flawlessly. I have received a Wolkenzeitraffer film, and can look at anyone who has a Windows Media Player on its PC. Just take the following address in the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox enter: [...]. Or more simply [...] and then click on my homepage the "clouds movies" page. Since I have uploaded my first small film clouds. The whole thing was just a first attempt and therefore maybe a bit bumpy, but still ... It works.

Great support 1 1 Rank: 5/5
June 28
Compatible ft2 Rank: 5/5
May 6
excellent interpretation 3 Rank: 5/5
June 11
Compatibility problem 3 Rank: 2/5
February 10
Perfect 1 10724 Rank: 5/5
December 20

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