A treat for the bronchial tubes!

A treat for the bronchial tubes!

Beurer LW 110 air scrubber, white (household goods)

Customer Review

I have the LW 110 Luftwäscher actually ordered me out of necessity. After illness turned out for several weeks, I had severe problems with irritated bronchial tubes in combination with dry / dusty air. At home we have, fortunately, a very healthy climate with 50% relative humidity, m Office optimum air quality is not always given. By using a water vacuum cleaner to me the underlying operation of an air scrubber is very familiar.

Basic information on equipment purchase:
One has to think what you really want to achieve in advance. Accordingly, choose the device and - depending on the technology - to be expected with a few days usage time up to real results:

Only air moisturize:
There are several techniques: evaporator (water is heated and sanitized to the outside air delivered) and evaporator (different mechanical approaches such as ultrasound, said cold evaporation, etc., on the Internet to find various blogs to).
==> If you want to just moisten his air quickly and effectively, which is to recommend the LB50 Beurer. Requires a so-called evaporator a bit more power, but the result speaks for itself. Use one should not overdo it because of risk of mold!

Clean air and (secondary) moisturize:
Here is the LW 110 for smaller spaces to heart set (humidifier acc.Manufacturer to 36 m2, cleaning performance but up to 20 m2 -. This should have been highlighting in the article description). For larger rooms, there is unfortunately no air washers from Beurer, the most sense is it, so I think resorting to Venta.

In any case require cold evaporator basically a few days to "act" to. The gentle, energy-saving method it takes to be a very dry room with furniture, plants, carpet is brought to a certain "level".

To the device itself:
The ambient air is sucked in simple terms, by the lateral vent slots, directed inwardly and the air freed from particles and dust through the water bath. The rolls used rotate slowly and give in connection with the housing fan the water by the principle of cold evaporation through the front of the chassis again. Thereby, the air is cleaned and additionally one hand - albeit a limited extent - moistened.

IMPORTANT (what is missing in the article description, but is marked on the manufacturer website):
The device is supplied in a bottle (no sample packs!) Aquafresh (against microbial contamination of water, 5 drops per liter of water) and a descaling agent.

The air scrubber itself is excellently packaged and ready to go within minutes. I recommend that the housing trough after unpacking wash (the lower half of the device) and the roller once with warm water. This reduces the initial "new smell" but significantly. Then the specified amount of water is introduced, once the roll in the machine and put on the housing upper part, the device connected to the power and switched on.

There are two buttons: on / off and adjust the fan speed in three steps.

In short, I noticed bereitsam second day a real improvement of the indoor air. My problems with the bronchial tubes were suddenly better. Furthermore, the air smells better, more neutral. The humidification is marginal, I have to raise the humidity by about 4-5% measured after about two days some time.

I prefer a star from the device for the water level indicator. Although the unit switches off when water tank is empty, the display is however quite optimistic, display a bar, although the roll has hardly contact with the water. Positive, however, the good workmanship and three years warranty and good guide!

A few additional tips from me for sore bronchi:

- Clean textile floors regularly, wash often heavy curtains (leave)
- Inhale through the mouth (pure water)
- No essential oils
- No cough drops (possibly first bring relief, but have a lot of sugar, dry out)
- Sufficient drinking 2-3 liters
- Avoid Certain teas (. Eg thyme, though acting cough expectorant, but the mucous membrane dries out more)
- Sage

In my review very many personal experiences and together read from various sources of knowledge have been incorporated. I hope to be able to give one or the other "troubled air" so that an aid.

Inexpensive and OK Rank: 5/5
April 24
Super value for money and many uses Rank: 5/5
September 14
My comments 1 Rank: 4/5
April 24
disappointing 1202 Rank: 3/5
August 31
A very good shaker ... Rank: 5/5
May 25

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