A very particular 'Zelda' game in a new light!

A very particular 'Zelda' game in a new light!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (Video Game)

Customer Review

Since it is now finally over! Yes, finally! Why do I say this, I'll explain. First of all, my anticipation was huge in this game. Extremely huge. 'Ocarina of Time' on the 3DS was my very first 'Zelda' game ever and brought me to this really great and wonderful game series. Then first came many other parts of the series, such as the NES original, 'Links Awakening', the great 'A Link To The Past' or even the surprising 'The Minish Cap'. Still, I always wanted to gamble continuing the great 'Ocarina of Time' s and know how it would go. And then I played 'Majora's Mask' 'on the GameCube (the Special Edition, the most important' Zelda' games were summarized). And I was disappointed. The game really only bugged me and I gave up even before the first Temple and was tired.
But I is that a few years back and when I heard about the remake of the title, I thought to myself:
'Give the game still have a chance!' And so did I, and joyfully awaited the remake on the 3DS and now I've finally managed to play the game through. And it was worth it 'Joaaaaaaaa'

Of course, the story turns back to Link, who scours the woods after defeating Ganon in 'Ocarina of Time' and one day on the Skull Kid meets carrying a strange mask. As it steals his horse Epona, Link will naturally go immediately. But at the time he does not realize yet, in what an adventure he plunges'

Of course, I can not draw any great comparisons to the original on the N64, because I have not even played a quarter of the game, I 'Majora's Mask', as well as his predecessor gambled for the first time on the 3DS. Nevertheless, there are some things that I can say, but more on that later.

This' Zelda'-among fans favorite, but also by many 'hated', which is too strong a word. But the fact is that 'Majora's Mask' as well as the odd second NES-part 'Adventure Of Link' is a class of its own. Unlike virtually all other 'Zelda'-parts there is a major change: the time element. Well, so new that is now not, after all, works 'Ocarina of Time' already with time jumps. But 'Majora's Mask' uses a very own system: As a player, you have three days before a huge, gloomy moon crashes on Termina. During this time, you can loosen the temple and meet sidequests and what do do not stop there. The crux is that if you use the Ocarina turns back the time, everything is reset to 0. The events that have happened before, are made null and void and you only retain the achievements of the temple bosses, heart parts and items found. There are still ways to save rubies and the like, but one turns back time, then you have to adjust it, much to fight again or unlock. And on the one hand an ingenious principle because there is this game special and striking, on the other hand I had often bring many events again and annoying at times. Even more important is the fact that you first have to entrust with the system itself. Although the characters and the game itself explain a lot, for me it was the beginning rauszukriegen difficult as one goes back in time, which is stored in the case and, above all, how to slow down time or pass quickly leaves, because it is precisely without these things have been in the game a chance (especially without the 'Ballad of Kronos' nothing works here)!
But here is a point that speaks clearly for the remake, because on the 3DS has thankfully the opportunity to save between, especially in the three days, on the N64 that was only very limited and I was particularly annoyed! Although many love the original, unplayable for me with this restriction, so I think the remake itself very great.

What 'Majora's Mask' next to the time element still makes, of course, the masks (big surprise!). Again, making the game much more correct because it blows a fresh wind into the 'Zelda' universe. The exchange between Goron or Deku make the game much more complex than merely to put on different items.

What 'Majora's Mask' not only makes particularly good but also actually trumps all other parts of it, is the story: Without a doubt this game has probably the best story with 'Ocarina of Time'. 'Ocarina of Time' was indeed held more classic with the Heroes® Good Versus Evil principle, but nevertheless very exciting. 'Majora's Mask', however, as already described by many very bleak, sometimes almost disturbing. But that's what the game is so much quality. The tragic story of the Skull Kid has sometimes stirred me right and also many smaller side stories are so well developed that you could own it can make a game. That's really great! Unfortunately, I find it a pity that so much has been recycled, such as the game of hide with the female Gerudo / -Piratinnen soldiers. Above all, it is but the characters of 'Ocarina of Time', which were used, in my opinion too often. While there is in terms of 'Majora's Mask' theorized that link dies at the beginning of the game and thus the phenomena of old figures would already explain more, but I find it a bit unfortunate. For that I had with Zelda (which actually play no real role in this part, just like Ganon) in the small flashbacks again goosebumps.

From the gameplay has not changed, if you 'Ocarina of Time' knows. Again, in the remake to link lets just as in the previous control, even I felt the motion control again be very helpful! Also the beneficial touchscreen gives a lot of space here, to place his items and to examine the map. A major innovation is the listing of all figures with scheduling information, which is very helpful throughout the game. Here you can read exactly what tasks are still to be done.
Furthermore, the control with the Circle Pad Pro or with the C-stick of the New Nintendo 3DS possible and this is an equally positive innovation, I think.

If we are grad: The greatest refreshment in the remake is of course in the graphic! And here I must clearly salute. Although many still complain that Nintendo depends graphically years behind, so is 'Majora's Mask' but a visually enthralling places. Some temples look absolutely stunning (my favorite is in the respect of the Water Temple), the textures are great, the characters seem like its predecessor much more alive than in the original, and just a few lighting effects are wonderful to behold. And hey, the 3D is also great to look at again. Even if it's just a candy 'This candy tastes good!
Musically, the game moves at the same level as 'Ocarina of Time': Koji Kondo composed again very catchy melodies, skilfully used some classic tunes from its predecessor, but this also makes sense in general it's nice to see you again, that the music in 'Zelda' plays a major role! Oh, and as with 'Ocarina of Time' here the original soundtrack was used in the N64 part.

But why is 'Majora's Mask' is not the masterpiece, which I've been waiting for? This is, unfortunately, in many small ways. As I said sometimes bothered me the new system. As innovative as it is, it also has its downsides. Seen not only playful, logically does not work here much, not that I give a lot to the logic of 'Zelda' game, after all, it's a fantasy game, what is there already large logical? But just when you're working with time elements, it is virtually inevitable that inconsistencies appear: For example, it is odd that link all the arrows or bombs loses when he travels back, while it would have been logical, he would keep everything he carries with him, right? But that's just bitching at a high level 'My biggest problem should probably be the temple itself. As much as I admire the Water Temple due to its optical beauty, much as he has frustrated me! An annoying and mostly boring Temple, who was just stretched. Unfortunately, this applies to almost all the temples, which they however were still sometimes extremely cryptic, while there are only four in this game. Even the rock temple has only annoyed me at the end, even if the boss fight was very cool. And the temple in a 'Zelda' game make unfortunately just a majority and I am absolutely honest: I had after the fourth temple simply can not be bothered more and am without collecting all went to the final. I wanted to collect either all the masks, all the fairies in the temples, because it is precisely that were at times incredibly nasty hidden and that's why I had often the Internet at my side 'And this Kafei Quest' Actually a nice idea, but you, until times know what you have to do because 'Maybe I'm not the most talented' Zelda' player, but eventually got me 'Majora's Mask' simply frustrated only!

Conclusion: I'm glad that I gave 'Majora's Mask' a second chance. Unfortunately, there was still a lot of points, which bothered me. Of course this is all subjective, others might also love just the points that I criticize here, but I had to sometimes fight with me to even continue to play 'However, I must just point out positive, not only visually enhances the game this remake! Otherwise me the wonderful story has convinced the grandiose soundtrack, as well as the gloomy and whimsical atmosphere. One can of Nintendo Remakes currently hold what you want, I think it's great these old classics in newly launched, and especially portable form to gamble, keep it up Big N!

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