A very successful action novel.

A very successful action novel.

Heart of Steel (Paperback)

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When some men are turned into evil superhero, David was only a child. He witnessed the fear and the hope they aroused. He saw his world into chaos. Especially, he saw one of these Epic kill his father. He was deeply convinced that a good epic appear and help humanity to find its way. Now David grew up, and in this world of violence, one goal guide his steps: he must kill lÉpique most powerful of the earth. He has to kill the murderer of his father.

"Many people had indeed theories, and most would love to have you expose. Epic were next step of human evolution, or a punishment sent by a particular god, or they were actually aliens. Or they were the result of a secret government project. Or it was all a hoax and they were using technology to simulate their powers. Most theories seffondraient when confronted with the facts. Ordinary people had acquired powers to become Epic; this nétaient or aliens or anything like that. "

From the first pages, the fluidity of writing obvious. It's nice to read a book as well written. After there is history. In a futuristic backdrop with super heroes, the author makes us reflect on the hope and revenge. Hope and strength are a universal theme. From the moment where there is oppression, whether we must resist or suffer arises. In this novel, humanity in its great majority decided to undergo. People leave Epic these almost immortal beings, govern their lives.
David, our friendly heroes, will choose to resist. A courageous choice? Or need for revenge? In his case, it is clearly revenge that guide his steps.

You will understand, steel Heart is a novel action sobering. Warning, this is not a philosophical reflection, and many readers will take the first degree. But if the heart (steel?) Tells you, you will find food for thought. There is also humor. The character of Cody particular offers us some memorable tirades.

"You never heard of bagpipes? Cody asked, aghast. This is also the Scottish kilts and red underarm hair! "

The story itself is effective. It does not get bored and suspense is at an appointment. The character will be searched and evolve with events. Our young hero David is a very interesting character. First obsessed with revenge, he will evolve and learn to live and work in teams.

Ultimately, steel Heart is a very successful action novel. I spent a great time with David and his companions.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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April 22
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March 13
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April 19
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March 21
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February 22

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