A very successful expansion!

A very successful expansion!

Cosmos 6950190 - The Settlers of Catan Cities & Knights (Toys)

Customer Review

The Settlers of Catan "Cities & Knights" is really a very successful expansion of the game. It enables many new features and makes the game fun and interesting.

The big advantage is that it can be combined with all expansion packs. Although players are limited in this extension to 4 players, but it can be as an increase in the number of players to.

While the standard game "The Settlers of Catan (I)" I think the time is monotonous and boring, this expansion opens up many other interesting features. For example, valuable commodities in addition to the normal raw materials, generated, which thus can be used to develop advantages of advanced technology and. With them one can at best bring about, for example, that after a clear round (in which one could not generate raw materials by an unfavorable cube number) can still draw a raw material choice. In addition, they also have a barter of 2: 1 to. But until then, it is at first a long way.
Furthermore, there is now also the possibility of his walled towns, resulting in a higher card capacity 7 (robbers) allows for the cube number on hand to surround or upgrade its cities into powerful cities, which provide significantly more Victory Points.
Another important new factor is that there is not only a thief, which can be controlled by the player, but also even the looters, which reduces any unprotected city to a settlement that could not be protected if the warriors of Catan failed. This means that in this game Ritter also have to be mobilized and to protect its own in doubt even the cities of the opponents.

I think I've mentioned so the most important thing, but there are of course even more features that I can not now list.
All in all, it's really a very successful enlargement which not only have a long-lasting fun guaranteed, but also requires some negotiation skills and thinking skills. For people who just want to cash in their stubborn raw materials and do nothing more than build city to city, this is nothing here. The basic principle of Catan, yet still retain broadly.

I highly recommend this game highly enough recommend !!!

I'm very satisfied 46 Rank: 5/5
March 25
A wealth of information 2 Rank: 4/5
September 3
outstanding image quality 1 Rank: 4/5
February 2
soundbar thomson SB240W Rank: 1/5
June 26

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