Actually a very good device ...

Actually a very good device ...

Xoro HRK 8750 CI + Digital Cable Receiver (HDTV, DVB-C, CI +, HDMI, SCART, PVR-ready, 2x USB 2.0) (Electronics)

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... But ...

Most of it was indeed already said in other reviews, so I will not discuss at all.

The device is useful in any case. I especially like that I can plug it back my USB hard drive for recordings (WD 640GB 2.5 "unpowered), another USB port is available and additionally forward, cleanly hidden behind a flap on the I can connect a flash drive in order to play on the built-in media player, audio and video material can.
This works great. Whether DIVX, MPG, MP4, MKV - everything loads quickly, play clean and replaced similarly expensive pure Media Player.
Somehow my HTPC is now almost superfluous ...
However, I noticed in the media playback one drawback firmly: I turn off the audio output bitstream ("BS Out"), does my video with Dolby Digital / DTS audio no sound via HDMI from the speakers of the TV, but only on the 5.1 Receiver hanging on coaxial digital audio output.
Sure, the TV can not decode the bitstream signal and accurately so it would have been nice if we could set the audio output for the HDMI terminal and the digital Coaxausgang separately in the menu. So you have to stop either always the receiver on, or change in the menu in advance to "LPCM".

Very praise is next to the two USB ports also the other connection options.
On Scart and analog video output, I would indeed have to do without (making in my eyes with a digital receiver no sense, the last few centimeters again to send an analog signal ...), but over the coaxial digital audio output, I am pleased most.
This port was for me (besides the positive reviews) one of the main criteria for my 5.1 receiver was off only this one coaxial audio input, since the optical input already the XBox 360 hangs and I have neither a new 5.1 receiver or a new XBox Slim Console wanted to buy to solve the connection issue.
Many devices have, unfortunately, often an optical digital output (particularly the combinations of DVB-C receivers and Blu-Ray player, I wanted to first get myself).

Now to my biggest gripe, for which the device itself is not solely responsible:
I am forced to customer with cable Germany and my primary goal I wanted to achieve by purchasing the Xoro, was to improve the TV picture by digital reception and be able to record TV shows digitally.
As for public service broadcasters, it works wonderfully well with the part!
All ER-stations to be received digitally and ARD, ZDF and Arte in HD with knotless Picture and sound.
But what all the private channels - whether or RTL Sat1 Group terms, etc., the receiver will receive only encrypted, even with the cable Germany package "Kabel Digital", which actually cost 2.90 Euro and since the beginning of the year in my Rent is included.

To the private channels digital - and with this receiver at all! - To receive, you need also a CI + module and if you have that, you can order with cable Germany a smart card that you can use this in the CI + module. However, one must first keep the CI + module in the hands, and then on the phone to inform cable Germany's serial number, so that you then carefully coordinated smart card gets sent. Without the serial number KD sent the smart card is not (more?), As these must be stored in the system in which, allegedly to prevent abuse.
The receiver has no way to receive and to store the private channels analog.
I find private channels in digital quality while attractive, but I would also waived if the receiver would offer the possibility, in addition to also receive analog cable programs.
So, as it is now, would remain to me only the possibility always back themselves between the receiver's HDMI input and the analog TV tuner in the TV and switch forth, depending on whether I want to or privately ÖR look.
And here I present another shortcoming that: The receiver loops the signal cables though the television through, but once it is turned off, the cable signal is much weaker on the TV and makes for a debilitating noise. If you switch the receiver on, the picture is as usual.
Either tinkering to a combiner before both devices, or lives with having to turn on the receiver to only receive analogue TV as before on the TV, even though you just do not use the receiver.
This could have been handled better really ...

I want but only use one device to zap and beyond also definitely use the recording function for all channels, I had now no alternative but a CI + module than to buy.
Of course I did well here ordered from Amazon, because it is the same module that KD for 79, - Euro sold here currently 28 - are more favorable Euro.
Disadvantage is as I said, that I first CI + module need to pass the serial number to KD, so that then send me the smart card, which cost me a few days delay, until at last I can get more out of the Xoro receiver. But it's worth it to me if I thereby prevents that policies to support Cable Germany and of course also save almost one-third of costs.

So all in all, a good device and the one point I draw from only because the device is not able to receive analogue cable programs and the analog cable signal when turned off does not loop cleanly.
I would have liked but somehow expected better.
It would be best, of course, if the receiver had already integrated a CI + module, but that would the price probably very driven up and probably would have various devices must bring to the market for different cable provider, what would the cost of production increases again ,

Some Kritipunkte could be eradicated by the available on the manufacturer's website BETA firmware.
So the Timeshift function is now out of default and there are more settings for it. The Timer function for standby will be ignored during recording and also for PVR recordings there is now a Resume function and you have no longer play and fast forward from the beginning, but can continue watching where you finish the last playback.
There are also on the site a tool for editing the channel list - which is really very helpful and is much faster than on the device itself via remote control.

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