Actually good, but with some flaws

Actually good, but with some flaws

Nokia DT-910 Charging Station with wireless charging function (Electronics)

Customer Review

I bought this charger together with my Lumia 920 with the latest Amber update.
When unpacking the station already feels very valuable, although it consists only of plastic. Here, a power supply are (bigger than normal USB power supplies for mobile phones) and a special cable with small connectors. Since the cable is a special one has the loss probably is not just another of Europe (such as a micro-USB cable of other phones). For me personally, no criticism, the device remains firmly standing beside my bed. Where do we then but also the first point of criticism would be: the LED. It is not intrusive and is also quite useful, as it indicates the charge level, yet it is especially during use on the bedside table very disturbing to sleep. Of course they can, cover, but then saw no longer really nice.
Furthermore, I am a provided with a sticky rubber bottom of such charging station, as in the HP / Palm Touchstone, accustomed. The charging station is not very difficult, and at the slightest touch they slip, especially if the device is placed, already around. In my opinion, you would have there can slightly change it. Mainly when unlocking the screen by pressing the key (yes, with the Amber update came the Doubletap function, but which I use not) you have problems, because the whole charging station moved directly. And if not, then slipped the phone or falls down. Because magnets that hold the phone, similar to the Touchstone, does not exist here. Only a rubberized surface, the lower bearing surface of the phone. This is not also specified on the Lumia 920, because as you know also support a number of different models this Wireless Charging function. In the "competition" should have been abschauen here rather because these are in my opinion decisive points.
Since my Lumia has already runs the Amber update, it should be recognized when it is placed on the charging station and show (using the NFC chip) me an action, what I want to see / adjust when it loads on this. That it does not. Even under the "Nokia Accessories" option, the station will not be shown me. Why I do not know. (-.> S Addendum below !!!)
Upload doing but properly. While I can not so fast loading times as others noted here (just under 1h), yet it is not inferior to the charging time at normal cable.

*** *** Addendum: The NFC chip is not in the induction plate, but the front of the stand. If one the Lumia cross with his back about it (something I find inconveniently located), a data exchange takes place and the promised features are displayed. Not much more than a gimmick, and a reasonable activating a clock that can be used at night, there is not even. When activated by the NFC chip clock, the entire display will remain lit and (here no ClearBlack Nokia active) even the Windows keys will light continuously. On the office table maybe nice to look at, in the dark room, however, as bright as the sun. Much better is here the "View" feature. Here a clock and the charging status will be displayed, and really only those pixels that are needed, illuminated. The rest remains black or off.

My conclusion: this charging station for the current Lumia models is not well thought out in my eyes. Much should have been different or even not at all make, or may be an option for the user (for example, manually turning off the LED). Things like the level stability could have been already in the 2 year old Touchstone abschauen, because that was a good solution. Furthermore, the function is given as a bedside clock with built-in charging function of smartphones is limited. If you activate the "View" feature and sticks if necessary, the LED on, so it is very nice to look at and in no way interferes with sleep. With the built-in NFC chip and its features, it remains in this charger rather the office supplies or when used in normal household. Nevertheless, the station meets their meaning well: Download!
Thus, I give her 3 stars.

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