Affordable, practical, good.

Affordable, practical, good.

Mr Beams MB723 battery-powered wireless universal LED Night Light with Motion Sensor 3 piece (tool)

Customer Review

In times of a house-building one thinks about a lot, but not always to the external power supply in remote corners. One fact that emerged out to be a bigger problem in the subsequent installation of light sources, provided that the landlord wants to do without a costly re-wiring and / or cross-moved through all levels an extension cord. Battery- and solar-powered lamps of all kinds are ultimately really the only sensible solution, keep in practice but at least as often nowhere near the promise regarding. Its promised features.

Mr. Beams (who comes up with such a name?) Is with the threesome of MB723 a very favorable, but practical and quickly ready for use light available. A small "but" follows immediately, because neither the product description, yet the small FAQ in the package contents can be extracted a splash property, ie the use in unprotected outdoor areas ruled out if necessary. At least then, if the end user more than a year of fun and enjoyment would have the lights.

The price segment, in which they evolve these offshoots of Asian commodity, speaks for itself. Who high-quality materials with a penchant for exclusivity awaits at this point, should order the Mr. Beams product make a wide berth. The look, feel and quality of the lamps is per se not bad, but plastic encounters, well ... plastic. Square, practical, good appearance could be optimally designate as stinklangweilig and stuffy in reverse. That is a fact, depending on personal taste and with proper function of lamps actually can not be criticized. So the MB723 win perhaps not the most elegant, for wall mounting in a few minutes and with two (supplied) screws is discussed. The Bonding instead of drilling - fraction is even offered the possibility of fixing with tape. Tricky is to follow up the maximum correct orientation, with respect to the desired alarm range of the motion and the subsequent incidence of light.

Is operated via four backside inserted AA batteries and who suspected serious production defect after insertion, possibly should darken the room, because the MB723 only react to twilight and darkness. An operation in daylight is neither possible nor intended - which also seems logical in terms of energy efficiency and durability of the batteries. The emitted light of lights appears calm and unobtrusive, depending on the level of attachment of the cone of light appears larger / smaller or stronger / weaker. The luminosity of a commercially available powered ceiling lamp is of course not achieved, but the lighting is sufficient so as not to inadvertently break the cross on the way to the toilet and when walking on the basement stairs. However, comfort in the traditional sense is not necessary, ie subtleties and Tuning respect. The lighting is neither intended nor taken into account in any manner in the concept. So there is no impact on the sensitivity and / or the radius of motion, let alone on the adaptation of the illumination duration. "You get what you paid for" is undoubtedly the motto, the lamps are limited to simple basic elements.

And in practice? First work every three lamps of delivery. Mounted I present two pieces that do more than a week since their service in a vestibule between the house and garage. Currently, to my satisfaction, that is behave as expected on movement within, batteries I had no change so far and I hope this dubious pleasure remains saved me in the coming months. Misfires of all kinds, I can not determine is done in daylight so far - as desired - no reaction.

Conclusion: Mr. Beams provides a solid light solution for flexible use in many situations. I personally would not use the MB723 as the main light source in the immediate entrance area while monitoring the other hand, confidently and safely secluded corners, niches and utility rooms and light. In these areas, the lamps are classic all-rounder for comparatively little money, ergo with an excellent price / performance ratio and thus completely satisfactory products.

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