Affordable twin

Affordable twin

BOOM YOURS Original SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi Edition Action Sports Camera Cam Camera Waterproof Full HD 1080p video helmet camera 2xBatterien (Electronics)

Customer Review

For more than a year I have the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Of course, then matures into one of determination, time to have a second camera for more interesting films. Again a GoPro I did not buy because of financial reasons but.
Very much I love to control the camera from a distance using a smartphone. So the choice fell on me on the SJ4000 WiFi.

I ordered the white version on Amazon "Boom Yours" on 09.27.2014. Unfortunately I could not find on the Amazon app that camera from abroad (Shenzen) comes. As senders then acted first with "YANWEN", but on their website I saw a new tracking number. It went by "UPS" to 10:10:14 to Amsterdam (NL), then Herne Börnig (D) and then on to Frankfurt. On 14/10/2014 I had the camera in hand. That was super fast for Shenzen-> Saarbrücken.

As described were two batteries in the package. First I removed the front panel and the 8 screws removed, to look inside if a lithium battery is installed as a backup. That is not the case (See note at the end of the review)

The camera is the original. On WorldWideWeb.SJCAM.COM/Firmware you can download and install the latest firmware. Simply download the right ZIP, unzip, the .bin file in the root directory of an SD card and this card then into the camera. Now just plug the charging cable and wait. Above the yellow LED comes on and it does seemingly nothing. But after a while the camera is on and the firmware is updated. !!! If you have a different camera than the original 4000 SJCAM WiFi, this firmware update could also fail !!!

Compared with the GoPro image quality during the day is about the same. I put the camera on +1/3 EV and HDR ON. The SJCAM tends to underexpose and creates a slight blue tinge. This can be seen again and again on different YouTube movies. In cloudy weather, however, to recognize no difference whether it's a GoPro or SJCAM film. At night the SJCAM creates too much noise.

The SJCAM can make sense only record 1920x1080 30p in. 25p can not. 720'er HD recording in 60p are actually 30p with each picture twice. This can forget your good cheer. Unfortunately, the recorded files are not .MP4, as with the GoPro, but .MOV. This can not read properly my video editing program. (Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 in 64 bits). So I must first convert .MOV in .MP4 the films from the SJCAM. I'll do that with ProDrenalin. It's annoying, takes and costs picture quality.

You can deal with my SanDisk Ultra 32GB. However, after 3,99GB (about 35 minutes) it creates a new file. Filesystem is so FAT32. The only problem is that the SJCAM, controlled by APP, the recording then ends. Controls to the camera manually, then she takes in the new file, click Next. In the transition from one file to another file was lost with me a few frames. When Tempo 140 on the highway that are then like to a few meters.

In photo mode, it can automatically even every 3s, 5s, 10s or 20s make a picture. This is even in 1920x1080. This can not be my GoPro, which dominates in the photo mode only 3: 2 formats. Since then in Full HD Time Lapse left and right then black bars or you have to crop the movies. The images are saved as .JPG. However, the high Auflöungen are nonsense, because the interpolated!

Holding a battery, if you leave out the back after 1 minute the screen, about 90 minutes. That is the value that the GoPro Hero3 BE also achieved. Super!

The accessory is partially compatible with the GoPro. The SJCAM fits in the Mounts of GoPro. The GoPro but not in the Mounts of SJCAM! (Mount = The part, which you can glue) The joints must be sanded a little, so that they engage properly. For starters, a wide range of joints and Mounts is. Even a part similar to the "The Frame" to the back another clip can be plugged in, with which you can cling Camera on clothing or elsewhere.


Who is looking for an Action Cam, which looks like a GoPro Hero3, which has good image quality, the films are only slightly darker and bluer than the GoPro and should cost only 1/3 that can access here safely !!

+ Price
+ Equipment
+ Weight and size (Lighter than the GoPro but slightly thicker)
+ Screen
+ WiFi Control

- Takes only 30 frames per second on / 60p are 2x30p
- Creates only .MOV files
- Buttons in the UW-housing stiff and spongy

The most annoying bugs: (tested firmware 2014-09-18 and 2014-09-28)

- Transition from a full 3,99GB file can fall a few frames
- Stops recording after 3,99GB if one controls the camera by APP
- Forgets date / time when the battery takes

Some users reported in SJ4000 without WiFi that in the camera explodes a lithium coin cell for charging the battery in the camera. The BOOM YOURS SJ4000 WiFi has installed no button cell, thus explodes as even nix. But because the camera forgets the date and time when it relates no power from the mains or battery.

36th place in the Top 100 Rank: 5/5
April 15
Small flat 1 Rank: 2/5
March 16
calling Rank: 5/5
June 7
postage too High Rank: 3/5
February 7

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