agenehme incredible surprise!

agenehme incredible surprise!

Denon DSB100WTEM Envaya Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (NFC, AUX input, microphone for hands-free calling, battery) White (Electronics)

Customer Review

pleasant in the truest sense of the word. an absolutely musical playing mini-musical role. effortless, harmonious and natural. incredible! I have several cordless speaker tried and this exceeds here the other not only, it is simply good.

Bose SoundLink mini has always sounded strained. after a few minutes I wanted the music off to verbal contributions agree with sonorous was not thinking! still respectable for such a small device. but not to consume music or radio. over effects unit with verblüffgarantie.

what can I say, the / the / the DENON envaya mini plays wonderfully. I have 3,000, - euro invested in (relative) high end hi-fi equipment and it certainly sounds adult but the small Denon thing sounds like pleasant. similar course. no idea which membranes have been processed but it really give what you would expect / hope again. I'm flabbergasted. to refined low volume that is ding fantastic!

I have deliberately not buy the device from Amazon. EU Juncker "luxleaks" (tax shelter for amazon, ebay and Co) has disgusted me if we bear in mind that in southern record suicide rates, record-birth mortality, record unemployment prevail, meanwhile corporations that destroy European jobs virtually do not pay taxes. hundreds of billions of tax revenue ...

Amazon sorry but that had to be now! pays neat control in the countries in which makes her sales and I keep my mouth shut.

back to the topic: the Denon envaya mini is absolutely incredible. the sound is natural. no inbred bass wonderful tricks. no sharp metal-ups. still bulky, full, round. I will no longer be interested in new mobile cordless speaker a long time. Thanks to the development team of this speaker! denon lucky euere services to be used for new products!

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