ALIEN ISOLATION (Review) | I gasp

ALIEN ISOLATION (Review) | I gasp

Alien: Isolation - Ripley Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

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There are some things that have not changed since the 80s the futuristic art design of that time still looks cool, the alien is just as scary and in space you hear also still nobody schreien.Alien_Isolatio_11

It all started with a movie
1779 brings director Ridley Scott to science fiction horror film Alien in the cinema and therefore created a visually impressive films of his time. He also laid the foundation for Alien with a very successful series of science fiction films with Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the lead role. Weaver, incidentally, was the first woman who managed a breakthrough in the genre of action films in the cinema. This year, the first film celebrates its 35th anniversary with a very special, developed by Sega survival horror game ALIEN isolation. The game picks up not only the art design and some well-known characters in the film, but leads him fort.AlienIsolation_SigourneyWeaver_03 downright

The story of Ellen and Amanda Ripley
Been 15 years on the Nostromo since the tragic events. A hitherto unknown life form that is alien, arrives on an alien planet on board the ship and the crew has killed one after another. Only Ellen Ripley, the only of its crew left, survived. In ALIEN ISOLATION we play Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda. She has, where her mother is true after all these years but disappeared, still hope that she is still alive. AlienIsolation_SigourneyWeaver_02Dann is leaked her the information that the flight recorders of the Nostromo, the ship on which her mother was an officer and the tragic event took place, was not destroyed with him, but has now been found. They brought him to the Space Station Sevastopol to investigate him. Amanda takes the first opportunity to travel with a team for remote space station and to find clues to the whereabouts of her mother. When she wakes up from hibernation, everything comes a little bit different than we had hoped. The space station is intended Sevastopol in a worse condition than disintegrates and increasingly. Much of the population has fled or dead and the few survivors are almost insane with fear, because the alien is raging in the corridors of the station.

We manage Amanda in the first person perspective through the dark corridors of the space station and Sevastopol notice very quickly that something is wrong. First, the station appears deserted but then we come across signs of destruction and that it was flee. As we will see the first wrapped in body bags body clear here is something completely wrong. To make matters worse, a team member is seriously injured and separated from Amanda. It is therefore entirely on their own and have to try to stay alive, to find medical supplies, to find back to their team and to abide by the frightened residents away, shooting at anything that moves.

Gameplay The principle of fear
As an editor, I have to ask myself, how does the fear that I feel when playing. In fact, the fear in ALIEN ISOLATION is omnipresent, but always strongest when the alien can not be seen. These are moments in which I the incredibly well done listening soundscape. 0007-alien_isolation_07Man have to go nearly as far as to say, the main person are neither Amanda nor the alien, but the space station Sevastopol. The dense atmosphere is created by the successful interplay of type designs, the lighting effects and sounds. The station is alive, it breathes, she moans, she breaks apart in places, and leaves me as a player constantly stop and listen. What was that noise? Was that the Alien? Much of the time I spend crouched in ALIEN ISOLATION, often hidden under a desk or in a closet. Anyone who wants to survive has to be not only quiet and wise, but his ways are planning and use every opportunity to hide. 0005-alien_isolation_05Entwickler Sega has true his promises and the Xenomorph made so scary and unpredictable as possible. In other games, we can see opponents and your patterns of behavior and ways to learn not so that of the Alien. It is intelligent and at times really mean. Moments of anxiety therefore also arise when we sit in a dark corner and looking frantically on the green flickering monitor our motion tracker and see get a spot on us. The motion tracker is one of the most important tools that finds Amanda on their forays through the Sevastopol. It shows every movement in the vicinity on its screen. Is smart as the Alien, it moves not always. Sometimes it hides and waits only waiting until we feel safe, we move loudly or do anything thoughtless and then slam shut.

Horror for all senses See, hear and feel
So we experience during the first steps in the station the same horror as Amanda. We know that it is bad happened, but not what. We know that an enemy is lurking in the hallways, but not when he shows up. With a sense of fascination with the eerie dense atmosphere, naked fear and admiration of nature designs we sneak as through the station. ALIEN ISOLATION is a survival horror game and we realize very quickly how difficult survival when a us not only physically totally superior enemy is chasing. The real horror of the game, however, arises in the moments in which we do not see the alien and not be chased by him. Here the soundscape of ALIEN ISOLATION does a brilliant job. If the alien moves through the vents in the ceiling or in the walls that sounds easy gro├čartig.0001-alien_isolation_01

Great art design everywhere you look
Graphically ALIEN ISOLATION oriented as I said at the Alien movie from Ridley Scott. It takes the charm of the old science fiction to perfect and transferred him to the video game. Whether the old CRT monitors, the control panels with countless buttons, the corridors of the space station full of pipes and advertisements or the lighting of Sevastopol is now. Everything is consistent, all of a piece and thanks to crisp sharp textures, great lighting and smoke effects damn realistisch.0004-alien_isolation_04 The Space Station steals the great designed Alien almost the show. The Alien acts thanks to the great animations very predatory and dangerous. Sometimes it sneaks quietly along a corridor, sometimes it rumbles snarling into a space and time it lurks headfirst and drooling in a ventilation shaft. It looks absolutely amazing and chasing us scared one at each encounter.

Gameplay Weapons and Equipment
As the game progresses but we gather next to the motion tracker Useful Devices Equipment and weapons, but that can only against other people or Synthets (robots) help us. The Alien While we can propose in the course of the game with a flamethrower shortly into flight, but never seriously injured or even defeat. Against human opponents, our equipment is more than useful. In addition to a gun, we also find a stun gun and various parts from which we can crafting bombs and noise makers for a change. Both the handling of weapons on a Waffenrad, and the crafting menu function intuitively and easily. However, the use of a weapon will be considered carefully, since the Alien sensitive to noise caused by shots or explosions. We can use the tactically well, we have to learn as the game progresses. At Amanda's equipment also a device belongs to chop doors. The simple mini-game works is that we have to rebuild from a list of symbols a symbol in a short timeframe. After a short acclimatization also playing very easy and surprisingly fun. Doors with higher security question have a complicated sequence of symbols and are therefore more difficult to knacken.0003-alien_isolation_03

Level Design and save points
The hallways and the huge levels Sevastopol are branched and spacious. A map helps orientation. On certain terminals we can add our map sections, to update them and have to know what there is to a place where to pick up before we explore. The map shows useful namely on the all-important computer terminals to save the game. Who initially surprised by the rather close to each other memory points, will later be more than grateful if the alien chases him. ALIEN insulation schlauchig in most cases and can be a only a predetermined way from A to B to go because other approaches spilled, or are inactive. Alien insulation is fair to admit that the game works with backtracking and one often has to visit Visited several times. With new equipment, alternative routes are now but possible. The game feels so at the beginning still very schlauchig and constraining on, it will increasingly open later because we can remember been Visited and use alternative ways to go to the alien out of the way. Besides the normal courses of Space Station Amanda can also climb in ventilation and maintenance bays, to hide or confrontations to gehen.Aliens: Colonial Marines 2

Conclusion may have fear to be fun
ALIEN ISOLATION is a great game that does not, however, suitable for everyone. In particular Alien- and science fiction fans will fully come into their own and not be able to get enough of the great art design of the game. The incredibly dense atmosphere which resists us even after many hours in the game nor the hackles, compensated for backtracking and the passages in which the alien is acting seemingly so unfair that we have to play it several times. ALIEN ISOLATION will thereby not frustrate but to motivate. Who is committing to the hiding place of the games Alien eventually learn when it reacts like, even if it never responds to 100% predictable. Eventually we learn only the signs and sounds to interpret and to know if it moves away and it's safe to leave our hiding place. Even situations where we provoke a confrontation, hide us in time and so chase the alien on human opponents make a lot of fun. Must be clear to everyone is that he needs to muster a lot of patience, and can not march as in a first-person shooter by the Sevastopol. Hide and run all part of the mandatory program, but have also done rarely so much fun and were rarely so well staged!

Hourglass Rank: 4/5
January 31
Great Travel Rank: 5/5
July 14
Complies 798 Rank: 4/5
June 17
Good replacement for contract Rank: 4/5
April 21

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