All the china in a novel?

All the china in a novel?

The country under heaven (Paperback)

Customer Review

The idea is very good: 5 individuals together more or less by accident set off in discovery of the tomb of the first Emperor Huangdi QinSshi, each with their own motivations or almost (that of children is primarily to follow Elvira). Matilde Asensi showed a good dose of humor and a very good scholarship on China and its ancient culture. You will thus review the principles of feng shui, some Taoist precepts, the various martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu, Chinese historical chronicles, a small part of the history of China with the first emperor, but also the history of foreign legations, Pu yi and imperialist intentions of Japan, the Kuomintang and triads .... Is not this a little too ????

To hide nothing, I felt that by the time this will erudition took precedence over the novelistic dimension and created logngueurs in the novel. For example, the story of the magic square is very long. Once the principle explained to the reader, the author could have been shorter.

The novel is divided into two phases: the first is a treasure hunt to reconstruct the document to locate the tobeau the first emperor and giving the keys to access the different levels, the second corresponds to visiting the grave. There, I had the impression of being in a video game through the different levels.

History is sometimes a bit farfetched. The different parts of the manuscript are certainly hidden but do not seem so inaccessible as that. Moreover, the little tiger really is a providential genius down from its Treuze years ...!

This novel is not great literature, but it reads quite well despite its length and style sometimes a bit heavy. His interest lies primarily in the imaginary woven around the tomb of the emperor that still dream of many archaeologists since we should remember him, to date, we know its terracotta army but the mausoleum has not been visited and explored ...

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