Almost as beautiful as a drill at lunchtime

Almost as beautiful as a drill at lunchtime

With K (Audio CD)

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Aha. Kraftklub so. Merely the name of borders with its intended association cult band Kraftwerk on blasphemy. Calculating in pecuniary category the boys but also with regard to their uh, music. I will not shake the feeling, as if here a few very clever young musicians stylistically aware placed on anti-mainstream, however, had less fear of contact with that very mainstream in marketing. In the music scene is called something like sometimes betrayal of the idea of ​​the Independent. The impression Kraftklub leaves, so is not much more than ample patch, ingratiating entertainment with dashes of Hick protest and nostalgia for better-Easterners. All this would be to get over when the music would be really good. But what may be well advised, when the disk sounds as if you had a single piece provided every few minutes with a short forced break to make it to bill multiple songs ?! Rarely me so much brute monotony encountered as on this disc. That's not very imaginative, yet entertaining, but obviously applies the already nerve killed a young bored generation, which is more capable of excluding Kiffen, binge drinking and masturbating in front of the PC for no change.

The hype can probably only understand who was ever there, where the band is coming from: Chemnitz. I'll spare at this point the real existing reality of this city to describe; the have the taz and FAZ already highly amusing, albeit done on the border of what is reasonable - at least for those who have to endure it in this city. Endured it also the musicians of Kraftklub. Perhaps the coquettish bond with Chemnitz is also only a defiant response, because you eventually missed the timely takeoff. So it has the post-socialist everyday monotony, as it is found in Chemnitz, even after the turn yet, but still managed over the years to cement its entire desolation in the minds of rebellious young musicians, the result then a bewildered public without blush as postmodern indie selling rap with punk attitude.

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