Almost too good to be true ...

Almost too good to be true ...

Melitta Optima Timer 100801 coffee filter machine - black / stainless steel (houseware)

Customer Review

When I was looking for a new coffeemaker, I was skeptical at first about the many positive reviews that this machine has. Well, now I write myself a. The part with the fast delivery and good packaging I skip. Let's get straight to business. Boil for coffee. The machine is very fast and brews the coffee in relative terms (relative to the pouring of the water by hand in a filter) a short time, with the result that keep the dissolved bitters actually limited. In other words - strong, aromatic coffee. Reviewers before me have written about the sluggishness of the lid of the water tank, the tank itself and also on the size of the machine. Of course, these are all very personal impressions, but I can the people - with all due respect - contradict. The lid of the water tank fits very tightly. OK then. He is supposed to. But he is also - when you take off him straight up and not tilted - easily withdraw. The same applies to the tank itself. On the outside two deeply embedded, perpendicular grooves are in the can firmly grip with thumb and fingers. Not a problem. The size of the device is certainly the biggest question of personal taste. Water happens to have a certain volume, and I do not get small. The heating element must be accommodated somewhere and the filter should still fit. Then even the pot. That takes up space. The pot is - seen here only subjectively - perhaps a bit on the small side. According lettering on the glass 8 large or 10 small cups. Maybe the rest of the device works by greater? What was for me one of the main reasons for 5 star at all, is the fact that nothing (!) Drops. Whether all of the water is carried or the pot is still brewing. The drip stop working perfectly. It hisses nothing and there is no branded coffee stains on the hotplate. And to stay with the hot plate - you can by means of a timer (which is set at the factory to 30 minutes) set when the machine turns off.

So if you have to leave the apartment in the direction of leave and frantically asks if the coffee machine is still running ... she does not. She has in fact turned off itself. A huge plus for the device! With the machine, a test strip for water hardness is supplied, according to the result you can adjust the preset to the unit for the local water hardness. Sounds super complicated but is very simple. Only good advice ... Do not start, frantically rumzudrücken on the buttons and do not be surprised if nothing goes the way you want it. Give yourself 10 minutes to read the operating instructions. The really simple and understandable. There is a timer which starts the minute the machine in the morning. If someone is really extremely pressed for time in the morning, one can bring the entirely 9-12 minutes. Otherwise, there has been what if the machine - very quiet, pleasant - bubbling and filling the air with the smell of coffee. I'm concerned, so full marks and a real recommendation.

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