An album that at the present time the demands of the genre easily meet.

An album that at the present time the demands of the genre easily meet.

Never as always (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Another face now almost unmanageable sky the young German-songwriter. Benne published with "Never again, as always," his first album. Beautiful lyrics, many personal impressions and a lot of feeling inherent in the titles with which the young singer an insight into his own world and the related settings of the many things that affect us every day and affect us.
The individual songs on the album are often marked in emphasis from guitar and piano sounds. Subliminal Drums and strings complement the musical foundation and leave the tracks are very atmospheric and dense on a musical level. The first album will be released in Benne beautiful digipak and contains 13 tracks, which are expected to ensure bringing the young musician soon become the focus of attention of those interested in music. Because along with the producer of his album, Sebastian Kirchner, who also for Adel Tawil and Ich + Ich has worked, has arisen with "Never again, as always," an album that at the present time the demands of the genre easily meet.

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December 22
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October 8
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April 14
September 8
perfect 1 8317 Rank: 5/5
June 27

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