An album that touches the heart.

An album that touches the heart.

Prism (Audio CD)

Customer Review

If you buy an album or want to buy, then of course you can hear in advance on the small cut-outs on Amazon. Usually it is so that one does not every song so truly responsive but rather only 2-3 songs are really good. In the album Prism I have now for the first time found an album where every song we really incredibly well pleases. It is one of the most emotional and the best albums I've ever heard. Songs like "Unconditionally" or "Ghost" a talk straight from the soul. Alone the video Unconditionally is decorated with so much love and little details that you can not watch it often enough. There was really a lot of good songs this year, but this album is all off on. An album that touches the heart. Thanks Katy Perry!

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