An album that was pointing the way!

An album that was pointing the way!

Catch a Fire (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Catch a Fire is clearly one of the best Marley albums. By its first disc under the record label "Iceland Records", it ties the Wailers (including Bob Marley / Peter Tosh / Bunny Livingston) from Trench Town / Kingston their music expression to express not only in the Caribbean or in America, even in Europe they were now on everyone's lips. On the one hand because of the provocative appearance on Bob Marley / The Catch a Fire album and secondly because of the beautiful texts that cried out for freedom, equality and recalled the history of the Jamaican people in slavery. Including "Concrete Jungle" which is woven with an irresistible bass and guitar playing. Just as "Stir It Up", one of the most famous tracks of the Wailers. Slave Driver shows the contempt of the ghetto people against the system / slavery. The cover is also worth seeing, Bob Marley is shown with a huge spliff, unimaginable for the middle and upper classes of Jamaica. The inside of the booklet shows Rastas and Bob Marley`s inner circle of friends, how they act in front of a studio with Ganja. The songs are arranged so that they merge almost seamlessly from topic to topic. On this album there are no tracks as a stopgap, not hastily produced texts that song sequence acts stehts harmoniously. With 11 tracks was formed a fantastic work of "Bob Marley and the Wailers", from the middle of Jamaica!

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