And the cradle silent rocks

And the cradle silent rocks

Tokyo Dome In Concert (MP3 Download)

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On the Van Halen live album Tokyo Dome, I was pretty excited. For it is only the second live album in the band's history and I found the last studio album A Different Kind Of Truth also rather less good!

Well then, how Van Halen hit because now in live performance?

The album was recorded on 21/06/2013 in the Tokyo Dome. Since singer David Lee Roth probably has a big ego, of course, only songs can be found on the double-CD, which has been sung by him in the studio for the various studio albums. From the last record it have with tattoo, managed Chinatown and "She's Is The Woman three songs on the album, which live work much better than on the album. This is actually not surprising, because the songs from Van Halen live on the Concert stage on easy again. Because it does not stop then, that David Lee Roth is vocally now and then beside it. This he should have done more than forgotten by a huge stage show well. Too bad there are no official film recordings.

In addition to the three new songs there are the Van Halen hit full operation. It's all because of what Van Halen fan wants to hear. Jump, Aint TalkinBout Love, Runnin 'With The Devil "and much more. The playfulness of the 6-stringed God Eddie is great. The Phaser and Flanger effects units are operated here with high performance and it is easy to see why he is still a model for many guitarists. His solo Eruption is stretched here on eight minutes, but is still as interesting as the shorter version on the Van Halen's debut album.

The sound of the album is the way as well as the joy of playing the guitar!

With the purchase of Tokyo Dome In Concert makes no Van Halen fan something wrong, the album is really fun, and that's what counts!

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