Another tome combines history and romance to perfection

Another tome combines history and romance to perfection

Knights of the Highlands, Volume 4: The viper (Paperback)

Customer Review

I think it is no longer secret, Monica McCarty is a goddess of historical romance. It is one of the authors who best combines history and history. After reading several delle books, and after reading it, I decided to give him several awards in recognition of this volume again perfect! (It comes not to appoint the best historical romance to me, but only to give a different and original form in my column;))
Trophy for best historical romance mixture:
Monica McCarty showed us long ago that the highlight of his novels lies in the history of the association perfect Lecosse and romance. Interweaving the intrigues of different volumes, it tells the story of Robert Bruce trying to take control of his country against the English King Edward I. In the previous volume, Bruce was crowned BE Décosse king by Isabella MacDuff, a member of the family only legitimized to crown its king, but had to wipe many failures in his struggle against the British. In this Volume 4, we relive the events that took place immediately after the coronation, that is to say the arrest dIsabelle MacDuff and the wife, daughter and sister of Bruce. Bella will be imprisoned for two years in a suspended cage in a tower and then in a cell. As always, we offer lauteure at the end of the book of explanatory notes on the true historical context, invented characters or real, and this is always a pleasure to discover that some had a very romantic destiny.
Trophy historical romance most frustrating:
Because in historical Romance there is also the word "Romance" Monica McCarty is the reigning frustration then the spontaneous combustion of readers. With an extremely well worked plot and character depth, this slut i want to say that we languish and die slowly as the story of love is in charge of intensity sex without sex scenes before a few hundred pages. But, but! Warning! The reconciliation between Lachlan and Bella can not help it! Things come slowly, gently, shyly ordnance in passion! And there you have for your money! Their history is passionate and painful at once. The character of the two heroes well complicate things, but we love it!
Trophy hero who carries the best nickname:
Because since the beginning of the series, the character of Lachlan MacRuairi said the Viper, and mintrigue Mattire at the highest point. Talented in undercover missions, this is he who will be responsible to pick Bella for the coronation of Robert Bruce. Against the opinion of her husband, she will leave her 13 years to go do his duty. The duty? Lachlan sen royally! Lhonneur? Even less! His involvement in the secret Guard is purely financial and taciturn and combative nature will make one of the most feared. Is that it has a rather dark past Just like the pet whose name it bears, it is dangerous, lonely and that it pronounces the words may be impregnated with venom that hurts you deep inside of yourself. Bella will pay the costs but more than once, what do you want, he perfectly embodies the imposing and formidable warrior consuming passion then it melts completely.

Trophy courageous and tenacious heroine:
Inspired by the real character of the same name, Isabella MacDuff is quintessential romantic heroine! Married at the age of 15 years with a man 3 times her own, she will know a woman's life more dramatic. Abused and treated against a trail, she finds security and passion with Lachlan, two things which she knew existence. Physical dun with the curvaceous, it will suffer from the incessant gaze of men on it, which nexpriment that desire, lust and greed. Even this viper Lachlan ny not escape with honor and unwavering sense of duty, it will have to make difficult choices. But his strength and courage allow him to hold on and to become a real snake charmer
Awards for best supporting character: tied to the rest of the Guard
This trophy is awarded to: Magnus MacKay said the Saint, William Gordon, said the Templar, Robert Boyd, said the Brigand and Alex Seton, said the Dragon.
They are all present in this volume, and bring in their own way much to the plot of that volume and that of the whole saga. We discover at the time of the coronation of Bruce and find them after 2 years, although in the meantime changed because everyone has experienced upheavals in his life and that will be told in their respective tome But the character change is significant and Monica McCarty proves yet once in his intrigues nothing is left to chance. A great achievement! What makes us all the more water to the mouth making us "mingle" more closely at these other warriors and gives us really want to continue this series. Anecdote: i thought at one point that he would have an affair with Gordon MacKay and for a few seconds and then not. It was enough of a word, dune sentence to sow doubt in my mind. If others have had the same effect tell me!
Trophy for the best couv:
I must mention that this coverage will feed my fantasies lowest since the announcement of its release until the reception of the book? Nest she beautiful? A hero of the Highlands in all its splendor, very close to the character of Lachlan dailleurs (no, this is not always the case! Between brown blonde heroines who end up on couvs etc). I prostrate to Jai Lu for this wonderful gift and I ask you, beg, to continue in this line for the next volumes !!! We want more !!

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