Anyone who wants to quickly get to your destination, you will love these adapters.

Anyone who wants to quickly get to your destination, you will love these adapters.

TP-Link TL-PA4010PKIT Powerline Network Adapter (500Mbps, Fast Ethernet, integrated socket) Set of 2 (Accessories)

Customer Review

Before I talk about the product, I would first like to express a few general considerations.
For those who want to transfer large amounts of data in the first place, for example, for data backups on a server for high-definition movies, etc. I can recommend neither this nor other powerline adapters. Such adapters will never be able to replace conventional network cable. Those who complained that large amounts of data can cause problems, will also complain why there is no RJ-45 connector for fiber optic cable and it can connect to a standard switch, this is why not.
Each extending across the different types of domestic installation (aluminum, copper, 2-wire system, ...) and the possible connected devices and their repercussions makes thoughts on the network, will recognize that a general statement to the functioning of this technique as well is like nowhere possible. Therefore, I would like to describe the 95% of cases where it works and renounce the deduction of points for the remaining 5%.
So I advise indecisive simply to buy a couple of these adapters and try it out. If it does not work, you can make use of the right of return.
In my experience (35 installations of 1 (WLAN AP), 2 to 30 adapter) operate these adapters, even where many competitors have problems. For completeness, I must say that it was at 5 points the other way around. Whether one decides to buy 200, 500 or 600 adapter, depends entirely on the application of (for new installations of 200 I would refrain for the purpose of future) and has no influence on the general suitability and / or functioning.
I have all 3 speeds in use and the first run smoothly for about 3 years. The device (both adapters plug in and press each button) is simple and based on the AES encryption bittigen 128 in conjunction with the range of the security risk is very manageable. Once connected, store the Adapter to connect data from netnetzausfallsicher and even after long storage periods, they work immediately.
For me, this adapter bridge 4 energy counters (all digital) without problems and a 50000 DSL line can be even after 200 m copper cable (NYM-J 3/5 x 2,5 mm²) at full capacity yet. However, I also know many cases where after a conventional counter no more reliable connection can be established. That is the connection. Often cancels or does not even come into existence.
Since I assume that these are rather special cases, I let the counter in the considerations on the sidelines. Another problem overvoltage protection devices. Especially in the power strips. The adapter should always operate from these distributors. The surge protector in the distributor (1 or 2 stages) has no negative influence on the data rate / connection according to my observations.
A phase coupler the one used for compounds of circuits on different phases took away is no longer necessary, with these adapters. Where a slightly lower speed created at different phases. But against the backdrop of transferring large amounts of data in the shortest possible time, which falls not significant.
Another good thing is the most integrated sockets. This one loses no outlet space and the attractive distribution cascade can get elsewhere for use ;-).
The Powerline adapter of the new generation make a quality impression with compact dimensions (without adapter socket with less than) and me there is no known scenario where such an adapter for optical reasons could not be installed.
Of course, this adapter also weaknesses which personally not bother me, but should still find mention.
So I have the appropriate software to read the adapter in a network can never get them all adapters display. The renewed search of equipment resulted in curious effects. Partial then all adapters were gone, in part, the properties were reversed in adapters or just plain wrong, in part of completing the configuration has been acknowledged with an error, and the adapter was removed from the network and had to be re-taught. But since this software makes sense really only in major hard to looking networks, the standard user can usually do without it. Larger networks I keep using the traditional paper interface at a glance, what indeed but discipline requires troubleshooting and expansions easier.
If someone carries with the thought the Adapter in bedrooms, etc. to use, some caution is required. Some specimens at high frequency whistle, which is certainly due to the quality variation of the capacitors. Of course this is not a sign of poor quality and most take such sounds not even true.

Finally, a note. I had also already the case that 2 different networks were connected. Unfortunately, there was in both networks have a DHCP server on the same subnet (one overlooks quickly). The result was a very unstable compound. Partly disappeared the equipment from the Netwerkübersichten the router. Sometimes the line went dead in the middle of the transfer and could not be restored. After removal of a DHCP server, there were no more problems. This error is explicitly not a problem of the adapter but the cause is human.

Summarizing I would say that I have made a very good experience with these adapters. So far, I also did not have a single defective adapter. Everyone who contributes to the idea to build a powerline network is well advised with these adapters and adapter even different speeds to communicate without any problems (of course, with the lower of the two speeds). But beautiful as mentioned above, the suitability of Powerline is much more of the electrical installation as the Powerline adapter itself depends.

Great notebook with power reserve Rank: 4/5
October 26
Compact but seems a bit fragile Rank: 3/5
January 15
Good product 37 1 Rank: 5/5
April 19
Correct January 8 Rank: 3/5
February 1
lot 166 Rank: 4/5
May 21

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