As expected damn good

As expected damn good

Far Cry 3 - Limited Edition (100% uncut) - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

Hello everybody,

Have bought the game on Thursday at MM (cheaper with Vorbestellbox 10).
The actual installation was fast, after a Uplay update and an update of the game (270MB) which took quite a long time with my internet, but the wait was worth it.

My system: Core i7 2600K, GTX580, 8GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit.
One has previously seen a lot of screen shots and so it also looks good.
I have everything on Max and 1920x1080 except the MSAA I to 4 of max. 8. It runs absolutely smoothly, but when I put the MSAA on 8 jerky without end.
The textures are almost everywhere sharp, the characters and the animals look class. The foresight
is really the hammer (with a paraglider flying over this landscape just awesome). At sunrise and sunset, the lighting looks particularly good.

For this I do not say much except that it all goes very consistent and liquid, the drivability of the vehicles is also great.
After about 20 hours I think 16 of 32 camps occupied, 6 of believable 15-20 radio towers, made 6 main missions and a few side missions.
I expect 40-50 hour game time.
There is a lot of variety when taking bearings if you sneak up and all killed with a knife, from a distance with the sniper rifle or the assault rifle for Rambo-style. I'm looking forward to it when I bought a grenade launcher to create a camp to rubble. Here more destruction of objects and cabins would be nice.
Multiplayer I have not yet tested.
Very good, the weapon sounds particularly. Synchronization How has heard a lot is so good, even if it is not always lip-sync.

There are only 3 memory slots and at the moment I can as far as I know only on a store, I do not know if that will change. But that's not so bad and now you have in shooters rarely freedom while saving or can not save himself.
For me it was a problem with the mouse or with the windowed mode. There are 3 different settings:. Window, Borderless and full screen. In full-screen I do not come to all buttons in the menu with the mouse. With Borderless goes, but the resolution goes to 1280x720 and can not be changed. That's why I did it now to full screen and play with the XBOX controller which is not so bad, the goals is of course difficult but especially the vehicle control is much better with the controller and other movement going with the controller beautiful out of hand and I can sit down comfortably in front of my TV anywhere.

Totaly course an absolute buy recommendation.

Ubisoft delivers a cracking Schooter with a lot of variety and insanely much possibilities.

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