Astro A40 Edition 2013 MixAmp

Astro A40 Edition 2013 MixAmp

A40 AUDIO SYSTEM - WHITE - ASTRO Gaming (video game)

Customer Review

Comparing headset is always a difficult thing. For me the sound of Astro is full and melodious than that of the Turtle Beach headsets or Triton, but everyone should decide for themselves and just trial heard a pair of headphones. The biggest advantage of the Astros but is of comfort. As a gamer I've had, for example with the Turtle Beach and had problems because even a foam pad underneath stick because it was otherwise too large and the Triton has pushed me on the ears. The Astro is (sometimes a little warm, but that's also the case with other headsets) even with several hours of continuous use comfortably. Since the Astro does not lie directly on the ears, you can also easily set up a 3D glasses (or even normal glasses), without pressing on the bracket and wear without problems in long-term use. I would again at any time to buy a Astro. But I do not want to even conceal the teething problems of the Astros: the supplied USB cable was already in delivery defective (a problem that many Headsets The 2013 edition had) and the microphone of one of two Astros in my household has after six months given up the ghost. Here Roxxgames has (the only shop that sells the parts in Germany) but exemplary and react immediately sent substitute. The price is of course not without the headset costs without MixAmp approximately 149 (and the MixAmp required for PS3 (PS4) and the XBox, then come so again 100 euros to do so). Nevertheless, in comparison the best headset (except perhaps the Beyerdynamic- but this will cost a lot more).

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