Backup disk with 145 MB / s for Windows Server 2008 R2 / SBS 2011

Backup disk with 145 MB / s for Windows Server 2008 R2 / SBS 2011

WD My Book 4TB External Hard Drive (8.9 cm (3.5 inches), USB 3.0) Black (Personal Computers)

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For a newly established Small Business Server 2011 on an HP MicroServer G7 N54L I needed a backup disk. The underlying Windows Server 2008 R2 also comes with drives> 2TB prima cope (installed a Western Digital Red 3TB) until it goes to the backup. The Windows Server Backup writes in VHD files, so virtual disks. That's not so bad, because you can hook into the system these plates and thus normally have access to their files basically.

But there is then a problem with large backup disks: As VHD files can be created only with 512-byte blocks, only hard drives up to 2 TB are accepted as larger drives Windws be formatted with 4KB blocks. Here can then only with so-called. Advanced Format (AF) hard drives to work, where 512e, ie an emulation of 512-byte blocks used. These are mostly newer USB drives from 3TB.

And the WD My Book external hard drive 4TB is just such AF drive. However, it comes with 4KB blocks, so that it can not be used by Windows Backup. Need to change the one to download WD Quick Formatter and may therefore the plate with the 512e formatting provided, which is then not changed when formatting by Windows Backup. In the description of the WD Quick Formatter (and several community contributions) is always spoken of "Factory default" for the 512e formatting (and images, it is the first option of two), in the German version but you have "Most compatible" (the Select second of two options). After formatting, you should check the success of using cmd prompt:
fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo x: ("x" stands for the drive that you want to check)

(Here it can be personalized with WD Quick Formatter no internal disks on 512e reformat and external even if they are only AF drives. A 3TB drive into a USB 2.0 WD Elements housing built, has not been formatted with 512e!)

Now the disk of Windows Backup is accepted. A second shortcoming is the maximum size of the VHD files of 2TB, so you can not back up partitions> 2TB. It is therefore appropriate partitions of max. To create 1.5TB (2 x 1.5TB on my WD Red 3TB) and then has space for a number of snapshots, so backup versions. Sample, I have the 2 x 1.5TB filled times to the brim and then let a backup run with success.

The USB 3.0 port (USB 3.0 Delock PCI Express card) provides the drive to read and write, respectively 145 MB / s, so keep backup times within limits.

They will only be mildly warm in their vertical housing. The chimney effect is necessary, however, and the many ventilation slots must not be concealed, otherwise there's a quick heat accumulation. This necessity of vertical operation costs the board also a star that is not offset by the (unlike my older WD Elements plates) now front mounted Activity LED.

Worth mentioning, of course, is still the package: WD donated his external drives always quite lush and well-designed packaging. The board itself in two HDPE (high density polyethylene) molded parts is stored and therefore excellently protected. You have to mention, given the complaints of many customers over inadequate packaging for internal WD drives that are shipped without some padding. Therefore, it does not seem surprising that many buy an external drive, which they then obstruct internally after removing the housing, because external drives are sometimes even offered cheaper than internal. Unfortunately not, but for this case - and therefore, there are also tons of videos on the more or less destructive opening the housing. Surprisingly I found the IKEA-like 3-step manual with colorful pictures, especially if you printed with the likewise enclosed 6 A4 pages in micro-font "Technical Support and Limited Waranty Guide" compares where they have not even managed the languages ​​through a country code like "DE" or "EN" to separate ...

It ships with a plate (roughly) 1m long USB 3.0 cable (USB 3.0 Micro-B male to USB 3.0 Type A connector) and a 12V 1.5A power supply. The USB cable should be enough for a computer-worn operation, otherwise they will just get (up to 3m) a longer cable.

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