Bad ... no more.  3

Bad ... no more. 3

Rage: Anarchy Edition (computer game)

Customer Review

I relied heavily on this game before its release but I was very disappointed at not being able to play right away because of compatibility issues with some graphics cards AMD (formerly ATI). Having changed config meantime, I tested RAGE on a war machine (I7 [email protected] Ghz (6 physical cores), 16 GB RAM and GeForce GTX 580 Windows 7 64-bit) and there it was much more pleasant, especially in terms of fighting some gore to move quickly with the use of wingsticks (kinds of boomerangs sharp cutting that can decapitate an enemy as nothing). Level textures is especially beautiful long distance but frankly not terrible closely (cetains indoor environments are rather mushy and slightly greenish. The quests are too linear and repetitive (you are asked to return to a level that you have finished and do it again, O supreme originality in the opposite direction ...). bagnoles races are nice but you get tired quickly and it is not necessary to get all vehicle improvements to complete the game with the solo time is about 25 hours (and again ...). Given the 3 DVDs and some 21 go to install, one would have expected something more "thorough". Most unfortunately, it smells game released in a hurry. Too bad, it could have been a real success.
The game designer John Carmack (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, it was him!) Said the bugs were not related to his game but to a lack of updated graphics drivers and the manufacturers said cards were therefore at fault. What is certain is that I will never buy his next game with eyes closed (see also on Steam forums that speak volumes about the frustration of the players).

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